A Payment Gateway that supports Shopify in India

There are a lot of payment providers available; you’ll want to find one that will work best for your business and offer many options. If you have an ecommerce business on Shopify, you’ve probably wondered what the best payment gateway is.

In India’s unorganized consumer market, dominated by micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), everyone is aiming for a piece of the colossal retail market, whether they are payment companies, social media giants, or technology companies.

Small Businesses with existing offline operations are vying for supremacy with startups backed by Softbank like Meesho and Shopify. They are competing for the holy grail of bringing existing offline operations online.

Choosing the right Shopify payment gateway requires careful consideration.

Here are 11 useful tips to get the right payment gateway for your Shopify online store.

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1. Preventing fraud and reducing risk

As a result of their excellent fraud detection and prevention protocols, the Easebuzz payment gateway is capable of determining whether an automated transaction is normal or suspicious with a high degree of accuracy.

Using a lost or stolen card may result in refunds or chargebacks. A good transaction monitoring system, including a real-time check for not-registered cards, can prevent revenue loss. Chargebacks can also be prevented by a good transaction monitoring system.

2. Payment Gateway Settlement Cycle

Small and medium businesses should pay attention to the settlement cycle form the date of payment capture, as this is how you receive funds from your customers or end-users.

Consider reducing your payment gateway settlement time through your gateway provider. If you receive your settlements directly into your bank account, your cash-flow needs will be alleviated and you will have more working capital on hand.

3. Charges for payment transactions

The importance of this factor cannot be overstated (though it shouldn’t dominate everything else). It is also important to be aware that payment gateway fees may vary depending on the payment method (for example, UPI in India is free, while credit cards have a few fees, etc.)

4. Detailed dashboard for payments analytics

With dashboard analytics, you can gain valuable insight into the business’ performance and make informed decisions based on data at your fingertips. For Shopify businesses, dashboard analytics and real-time charts can provide valuable insight.

5. Payment refund cycle

Shopify stores can take time to refund customers who request refunds. Your payment gateway may require a refund to take place within a certain number of working days. Your refund process must be fast as possible in order to gain customer loyalty and build customer trust.

6. Payments accepted internationally

When selling outside of India, it is essential to offer international payment options. Look for Easebuzz payment gateway that offers foreign currency options coupled with Indian rupee settlements. Keep an eye on their international payment prices as well.

You can integrate your existing Stripe account with a Easebuzz payment gateway if you previously accepted payments from overseas customers through Stripe.

7. Integration without code

You will be able to handle the process without any dependency on developers or a tech team by choosing a payment gateway that integrates easily with your Shopify store. Easebuzz payment gateway offers simple no-code solutions.

8. Various payment method

There are several factors to consider here. Providing customers with more payment options – credit card, net-banking, UPI, wallets, pay-later, etc. – will directly impact your revenues.

In case there is an issue with a certain payment method, you can offer a backup method, such as cards or wallets if net-banking is unavailable.

9. Successful Transactions

There are multiple factors that contribute to low transaction success rates. Lack of seamless checkout experience for customers and failures in the payment ecosystem both play a role in this.

Investment in ultra-smooth checkout processes and smarter routing can lead to a high success rate of payments on a payment gateway.

10. Payment gateway with excellent customer support

You should check with your payment gateway to determine if they are respected for grievance resolution. If there are problems with chargebacks, settlements, refunds, etc., then your payment gateway should have a dedicated support team that you can access 24/7.

If you’re looking for Indian payment gateways for Shopify, you don’t need to spend much time searching.

Easebuzz payment gateway can provide you with more information about fraud prevention measures on its website or by reaching out here – support@easebuzz.in

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Bottom line:

The Easebuzz payment gateway is integrated with Shopify website, giving you the ability to accept payments from your site directly. It’s very convenient and save you time and money when you do business online.


1. How do I choose the right payment gateway for Shopify?

The payment gateways available with Shopify vary widely, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before selecting one.

2. How do I add a third-party payment gateway to Shopify?

In Shopify, you can add third-party payments by creating a payment gateway account and following the payment gateways instruction for integration.

3. What payment options does the Easebuzz payment gateway offer?

Your existing website can also be integrated with the Easebuzz ecommerce payment gateway for your website. Payments can be accepted from credit-cards, debit-cards, Net-banking options, UPI, mobile wallets, Simpl, and Ola post-paid.

4. Which Shopify payment gateway plugin is secure?

By integrating the Easebuzz secure plugin, merchants can accept and manage payments through the Easebuzz platform with a secure checkout experience.


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