Optimize Your Website with the Perfect Payment Gateway

With ecommerce today, it has become essential to accommodate digital payment options for transactions since traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and cash on delivery are no longer effective. As an online merchant, you are responsible for providing your customers with a secure and hassle-free transaction process.

As the online business world has grown, payment gateway providers have made it possible for your website to make more efficient and seamless payments and be more accessible to your customers. Powered by advanced solutions, adaptive technology, and extensive customization, Easebuzz is one of the leading payment gateway API providers for websites.

Your website needs a payment gateway to accept payments, but before we get into that, let’s talk about what is payment gateway with example.

What is payment gateway with example

A payment gateway is crucial for secure online transactions. It enables customers to pay using their cards, directs them to the processor’s page for payment processing, and redirects them to the merchant’s site once the payment is completed. Easebuzz is a great example of a payment gateway that streamlines online payments for businesses.

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Why do websites need a payment gateway?

E-commerce companies rely heavily on payment gateways to process credit card payments in a cashless society. No matter whether you are making a purchase online or offline, a payment gateway is a vital cog in the payment processing system. Customer information is collected, transferred, and authorized in real-time by a merchant’s bank to process the transaction itself as part of a transaction.

A seamless shopping experience for your customers is part of Easebuzz’s commitment to mitigate fraud and ensure data encryption. This has a positive impact on your customer’s trust and reduces card abandonment.

You should choose a payment gateway that you are comfortable with. Usually, businesses accept multiple methods of payments in order to improve the experience of their clients.

Choosing the Right Payment Gateway for Your Website?

1. API hosted payment gateway

Integration of payment gateway APIs with existing digital processes makes payment network integration possible. Using a payment API eliminates the need to fill out checkout forms and leads to a more seamless purchasing experience, especially on smartphones.

In addition to reducing the risk of fraud and simplifying regulatory compliance, a payment API holds customer data and payment information on the host (not the merchant).

2. Paying by mobile device

In today’s world, most customers only shop through their phones and tablets, so you need a payment gateway that supports transactions on all types of smartphones.

3. The Integration process is simple

Invoices and accounting information are automatically updated when online payments are made. So, it makes sense to implement a payment gateway that integrates well with your invoicing and accounting software. Making your customers pay using their preferred method of payment using this process can save you a great deal of time and effort.

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4. Pricing

A payment gateway for your website is a great option if you need to give your customers and exceptional shopping experience while keeping your budget in mind. That is why one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a payment gateway for your website is the total cost.

When you have started your business, find an online payment gateway that does not charge setup fees or high transaction fees; if you deal in high-value business, you can even find an online payment gateway that doesn’t charge setup fees.

5. Keeping Secure

Even though online businesses are a long-standing phenomenon, consumers still aren’t comfortable with entrusting sensitive payment information to ecommerce websites.

Payment gateway providers should offer fraud detection, PCI DSS compliance, and even the ability to customize the whole payment process according to your brand logo and color pallet.

6. Support for multiple currencies

Ensure you handle currencies from different countries through your payment gateway provider if your business has international customers.

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7. Whether it’s a hosted or unhosted payment gateway

You can offer a hosted payment gateway, which takes your customers to a website related to the payment gateway processing, or an unhosted payment gateway, which allows them to pay directly from your website.

The hosted gateway, like any payment method, comes with advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the reduction in risk associated with storing sensitive payment information on your website. While making payments, customers benefit from a non-hosted mode of payment.

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Indian Best Payment Gateway-Related FAQ’s – 

1. Why online payment gateway for website?

It’s the need of hour for Websites to offer their customers the convenience and benefits of online payments through online payment gateways.

2. Which is the best payment gateway for my websites?

Easebuzz payment gateway is best to provides you with a premier payment service with over 100 payment methods and seamless checkout. Get onboarded digitally with eKYC and seamless integration of payment gateway with your website.

3. Are payment gateways integrated with website for free?

Yes, Easebuzz payment gateway is free to integrate with your website.

4. Does Easebuzz payment gateway support all payment methods?

With Easebuzz, you can pay via credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Rupay, OLA money), Net Banking from 50+ banks, UPI Mode, Payment links, Online wallets, and EMIs (Credit/Debit/ Cards & Cardless).


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