Easebuzz is a simple and easy to use platform especially made for Freelancers or individuals who want to sell their products online.

Easebuzz is a perfect platform if you are a Designer, Writer, Researcher, Event organizer, Restaurant Owner, Software Developer, Or an individual who does his/her own small business to sell products or any service to his/her own loyal customers/audiences.


We have made a simple and easy to use platform whereby which you can just fill in the details of your product and create your own Digital shop in a fly. You don’t have wait for days to get your products approved. It is simple and easy. This is why we call this portal “Easebuzz”. Easebuzz is a simplified platform for users who want to reach out to their potential and existing customers easily just by using a link. Just create your Digital shop and share that link everywhere. We mean – On email to your friends, Facebook, Twitter and all other Social media platforms. You can also Whatsapp/SMS this link to your favorite groups. Buyers can simply click and visit your digital shop to purchase your product online.

The problem statement

The reason why we thought of this portal was because of the difficulties a freelancer or any individual faces while selling a product to his/her potential customers. Moreover, we also see many a times that reaching out to customers become difficult. This could be because of the busy schedule of the buyer or may be because you do not get opportunities to show your offerings well. To solve this problem with ease, we built this product so as to enable selling for everybody who has to sell his products online. Selling online makes life simple. It is easy for you to

– Show your products at once

– Get paid quickly without hassles

– Know your customers through source of data (Analytics)

– Get an opportunity to purchase during any time of the day

We see that India especially has a huge market of sellers who have a localized business. They do not get a platform where they can just list their products for online purchase. We also see that the market is potentially increasing and will be there for a long time to come.

Features of this platform

We are building a lot many things every now and then, however currently we are having the below  main features –

– Digital Shop – A link gets created here, the moment you fill in the details of your product. There are no limitations to the link that is being generated. You can make as many links as you want..

– Sales Information –  All sales related information with respect to total amount sold, customer information ,etc gets captured so as to enable transparency for all merchants

– Simplified Dashboard – This where you are able to see all your information at one place.

– Notifications after every sale. Each of the merchant and buyer gets notified quick through our SMS And email system the moment they sell or buy an item respectively.

Why you should use Easebuzz?

We are not like the big portals for example – Amazon or Flipkart but we have tried hard to make this platform an easy to use platform for everyone.  We do not charge you anything unless you do not do a transaction. Our charges are one of the best in the market. We  charge only 2.5% for each transaction that you do. It means that if you do a transaction of suppose 100 Rs then we charge you Rs 2.5 and rest Rs 97.5 gets transacted in your account automatically. No hosting fees or any hidden charges are involved. No extra charges. Just 2.5% and everything else is easy.

Users who wish to sell their products online should now start selling quickly. Just sign up and start using Easebuzz. Do not forget to write us on support@easebuzz.in for any question or concerns.