Seamless Payment Experience: Unlock Business Success with Payment Links

Most of the SMEs are not capable of collecting and managing digital payments with as much ease as any other online business. Thinking from the businessman perspective, not everyone is technically strong enough to set up business online and accept any digital payments on their own. To avoid such intricacy, the simplest way tech leaders can take is to create payment link without investing in any developer with EaseBuzz payment link. It is a request for payment using a secure web link that clients can click to promptly collect money online.

In layman terms, when you create payment link, it simplifies the sending and receiving of an economic amount to pay for a service or buying a product. It is an easy and flexible process for both sellers and their customers and can be seamlessly embedded into EaseBuzz invoices, a solution for efficient and streamlined billing. Further, this payment link generator India can be shared across several communication channels like SMS, Email, social media, etc. 

Facilitate the payment process to avoid delays 

When businesses create a payment link, they can rely on the payment link generator to receive bulk payments without any delays. For instance, B2B companies can collect online payments by sending electronic invoices to customers and embedding with payment link generator India for faster payment. Take for example, you are a small B2C company selling at an event where you don’t have access to a virtual terminal. When a customer is up for making online payment, you can simply email them a payment link and collect online payment. Customers will immediately receive the payment link on their mobile phone and can quickly complete the payment information by entering their credit card number or choosing a wallet.

What does the Easebuzz payment link have to offer your business?

When you use an Easebuzz payment link generator India, you get all the benefits that come with our Easebuzz payment.

  • When you create a payment link you can maintain PCI Level-1 compliance. 
  • Many merchants conduct business through social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and others. These SMEs can create payment links that are flexible and give clients a fast payment option they can share via any social media channel to collect money online.
  • With Easebuzz, when you create a payment link it offers customers GST compliant invoices and also helps extend your business reach by offering checkout in local languages and currencies.
  • Protect sales with real-time fraud-fighting technology when you collect online payments. Easebuzz payment link platform is totally secure and offers an intuitive payment process that leaves no doubts for any user. 
  • With the use of smart payment routing technology, EaseBuzz payment link approves transactions in a jiffy and the payment collection is done either by the payment link or the QR code. 

Benefits of using Easebuzz payment link in your business

  • Customers can choose from a broad range of payment methods. When you create an online payment link, it’s mobile-friendly, making it simple to use even on a phone.
  • With minimal IT work, you can create a payment link and customize the payment page with your own branding. 
  • Merchants create payment links to provide chosen consumers exceptional discounts on large purchases or collect adhoc payments for one-time services like cloth alteration, bespoke packaging, and warranty extensions outside of their shopping carts.
  • When you create an online payment link you generate a sense of tranquility to your customer, what you are getting is loyalty to your target.
  • When you create a payment link for accepting payments, the demand of any external physical payment acceptance devices is reduced or vanished.
  • Boost payment efficiencies with messages and email notifications to payment links.
  • Costly website security certificates are not required once you create a payment link. 

Lastly, whether you sell online or not, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort getting customers to the point of payment. So actually when you create a payment link and accept those payments, the payment goes seamless.


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