SME Payment Solutions: Why

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have emerged as one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy, generating jobs, promoting innovation, and contributing to exports. this sector contributes to almost half of the of the GDP of our country, making it the cornerstone of the socioeconomic development of our country.

The number of SME transactions made digitally has risen rapidly from 28% to 72%, with the number of digital payments outpacing cash payments by 72%. Growing digital adoption opens up new opportunities for the sector in the future.

By supporting the SME’s sector, the government also ensures that “ATAMNIRBHAR” and local campaigns gain popularity at global levels in order to get the nation’s economy going in the right direction.

Manage incoming and outgoing SME digital payments with value-added services

Technology has been a key enabler of advances across any business and within financial services. In order to run and grow their company, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) face numerous hurdles and complications. Changes in the SME digital payments landscape are a direct consequence of technology making new ways to transact possible. Digitization is further shifting payment solution in India from the physical realm to the virtual realm, such as with mobile payment apps. Whilst this shift makes it easier and faster to execute payments, it simultaneously exposes some security risks also. 

As we enter an era of exponential computing power, physical instruments for initiating payments are subsumed into apps and other digital processes. Real-time systems must be able to handle both informational and payment messages that are constantly exchanged between the parties. Strategically arranging the payments solutions for businesses can create significant value in the market. This can attract rewards, increase working capital, drive efficiency, and streamline procedures. Modern digital payment solutions, such as card-based platforms that are emerging in India, can be a boon for both buyers and sellers.

Easebuzz has come a long way and has contributed significantly to the SME digital payments space. With offering propositions that provide relevant payment services to aid in payment acceptance, disbursements, transaction reconciliation, or customer analysis, easier onboarding for merchant services. 

Take control of your finances with Easebuzz’s SME payment solutions

Easebuzz is a market leader in payment solutions and is trusted by thousands of small and medium-sized businesses for payment solution in India. SMEs Payment solution providers expertly like us analyze the holistic needs of organizations, and custom configure online payment solutions for businesses, right from incoming payments from pending invoices to payables for your vendors. 

Experience the advantage of enticing your products with value-added services for customers

  • Get a hawk-eye view on all transactions through a customizable dashboard.
  • Seamlessly process employee payroll at a click of a button.
  • With SME digital payments, manage vendor and bill payments with ease.
  • Track incoming payments, create invoices and manage ongoing sales, all from a single window.
  • Expertly automate eKYC and other compliances before onboarding a new customer for digital payments.
  • Offer customers an array of payment options right from UPI to Credit Cards and Net Banking.
  • Generate reports and analytics to manage cash flow, payables, and receivables.
  • Monetize customer touchpoints with checkout cashbacks, prepaid cards, and push promotions.
  • Customize gift cards for customers and vendors with SME digital payments. 
  • Curate expert insights on every customer gathered from a variety of touchpoints throughout the payment journey. 

Value-added services with Easebuzz SME Payment Solutions

  1. EasyCollect

EasyCollect makes it simpler for businesses to create and share payment links on-the-go and automate payment reminders and reconciliation. Businesses can use EasyCollect to automate reminders that will help them improve the number of paid invoices and links, minimize the cost and manual labor necessary to collect payments, and shorten the time it takes for a client to pay.

Businesses may use the API to create and share payment links on the move, as well as automate payment reminders and reconciliation. EasyCollect API offers functionalities such as Automated Payment Reminders to allow businesses send out reminders for taking recurring or scheduled payments.

  1. SmartBilling
Smart Billing service in India - easebuzz

SmartBilling is one of the SME digital payments solution for businesses that offers an invoicing solution with recurring payment capabilities. Businesses can collect payments from clients and fixed rentals, especially within subscription mode. With automated recurring billing, you can retain your long-term clients. It also can control the frequency, type of billing, usage, or product expiry.

Subscription billing also manages standard and special offers, packages, or discounts to ensure the billing process is accurate. SmartBilling provides features to address late and incomplete payments and helps to adjust billing based on changes to plans such as upgrades or downgrades. 

  1. FeesBuzz
FeesBuzz, as the name goes, allows any institute or college to collect fees as per its installment for each student

FeesBuzz, as the name goes, allows any institute or college to collect fees as per its installment for each student. The accounts department can easily check which student has paid what fees and what amount is left. Feesbuzz also comes with installment-wise report generation representing installment fee payment logs of every student. You can also create dynamic fee structures with flexible categories and components for grades, activities, etc. Easily customize fee structure and components with the ability to configure fee collection rules and set value terms as the need arise. 

  1. BuildBuzz
BuildBuzz is a solution for SME digital payment that builds a form in seconds and gets it enabled with a payment solution with 100+ payment options

BuildBuzz is for SMEs payment solution that builds a form in seconds and gets it enabled with a payment solution with 100+ payment options. Enabled with built-in analytics, BuildBuzz will drive data over UTM links which allows you to measure source-wise outcomes on your digital marketing campaigns. BuildBuzz makes it easy to create forms by using drag-and-drop. You don’t need to know any coding! Simply select the fields that you want to add to your form and drag them to it. You can quickly create any type of form you want and easily integrate them into your workflow.

  1. Teller
Teller invoice payment gives your customers an easy way to pay online and get you money faster

An easy-to-use yet powerful solution for tracking time, sorting out expenses, managing invoices. Teller is another product launched by Easebuzz that helps to adapt to changing e-invoicing trends. Teller invoice payment gives your customers an easy way to pay online and get you money faster. A perfect B2B invoicing partner for small to medium businesses. It is a comprehensive API solution to easily generate e-invoices in a few simple steps with 100% security & end-to-end assistance.

Closing words

Every business’s core competency is its ability to generate revenue and secure its supply of inputs. These digital financial services that allow SME Payment solutions in developing nations like India can have a significant impact on small business payment solutions.

Easebuzz’s value-added services are rapidly changing the financial sector and addressing many challenges that could help to close the financing gap for SMEs.


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