What makes an online seller successful? Why is that some merchants are hugely successful and others don’t realize their potential? The differentiator in this digital media boom is digital marketing. Tried and tested marketing strategies were rendered useless with the growth of digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter. A new form of marketing was born, where the reach of an advertisement campaign could be expanded to the world at the same time narrowed down to those who matter.

What exactly is digital marketing?

In essence, digital marketing is the use of digital mediums to reach their customers. In most cases, it is the use of ads on the various platforms available like google, facebook etc.

Why do I need digital marketing?

There is no shortage of sellers who wish to sell online with the digital media boom in the past decade, it has been very easy for everyone to have an online presence. To stand out of this crowd, digital marketing has now become a necessity.

How do I perform digital marketing?

Because digital marketing has so many aspects to it, it requires a certain expertise to run successful digital campaigns. There are various digital marketing firms who can do this for you. If you are a merchant on Easebuzz, you can get in touch with us at 020-65600200 and we can help you run successful digital campaigns.

Can Freelancers also do digital marketing?

Yes, they can. But freelancers sometimes do not have the funds to go ahead with campaigns to get them noticed. In that case, they can simply share their product on Facebook , Twitter and through their friends network to get reach.

For example: Rohit created a design and made a link on Easebuzz. Rohit can simply share this link with friends on Facebook and encourage his friends to do the same. People then get to know about Rohit’s work and go on his link and buy it. Without any cost incurred to Rohit, he can easily get recognition and revenue for his work.

With the trends changing so drastically, online sellers have to constantly do things to stay ahead of their competitors and digital marketing is perhaps the most important mechanism to do so.

Users who wish to sell their products online and stay ahead of their competitors should now start selling quickly. Just sign up and start using Easebuzz. Do not forget to write us on support@easebuzz.in for any question or concerns.


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