opt for the right payment processing platform to collect payments online

Ria wants to start a retail web storefront and she is aware that to make money, her startup needs to be equipped to accept any kind of payment. This implies she needs to take more than just cash and cheques. Today’s customers are more inclined to pay with credit and debit cards and look forward to transacting payments online. Businesses must be equipped with a payment processing solution that allows them to accept payments of all types, especially if running a retail storefront of any kind. 

According to reports, the global payment processing solutions market size will experience a decent growth of USD 52,060 million by the year 2026. There are oodles of payment processing platforms available in the market but to go for the one that is scalable, reliable, and secure is important for startups. Furthermore, it’s risky to opt for something which can burn a hole in your pocket. Being a beginner, Ria can be tempted to just go with the bank that can handle her business account. This might be a mistake because large banks often charge more than payment services providers who specialize in payment processing to collect payments online. 

Reliable, scalable, and secure payment processing platform 

Easebuzz is a cutting-edge API-based solution to help different small and medium-sized enterprises to process digital payments and collect payments online. It is a reliable, scalable, and secure payment processing platform that offers several payment processing options to capture funds and disburse payments for your account. 

Payment processing platforms like Easebuzz can also integrate with your website to collect payments online for web orders. These features connect your accounts receivable and account payable processes, and financial institutions to collect funds and make payments. 

Payment processing activities include handling of the following:

  1. automated invoice payments from accounts payable
  2. settlements and reconciliation against credit card accounts
  3. automated split payment to sellers
  4. settlements against bank accounts for accounts receivable
  5. automate recurring bill payments
  6. manage advance payment collection and subscriptions 
  7. disburse payment via NEFT, IMPS, UPI handle, etc.
  8. 24*7*365 real-time payment updates 

Tailored payment solutions to suit the simple, complex, and diverse needs of your business

To collect payments online, reconcile, auto-generate GST compliant invoices, and other payment activities owners can opt for Easebuzz to cover the complete payments lifecycle. These solutions are designed to work successfully both separately or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit the simple, complex, and diverse needs of your business.

Want to know how Ria is managing her business with ease?  

  1. Ria manages all her transactions, refunds, and settlements from one single dashboard with Easebuzz. The whole payment process has become more feasible and she can create a simple payment link via the Easebuzz Dashboard and customize it as per her requirement. 
  2. She is free from the headache of splitting the incoming payments to her delivery partners or service providers. She can now make use of the automated split payment technique to send payment directly to service providers in one-go. 
  3. Ria is getting paid instantly and can promote her business by adding a payment link to any product or service description or providing a payment link on their profile. She shares it with her customers via SMS, email, or WhatsApp and gets paid instantly. It helps them with transactions in a matter of seconds as well as assists both sellers and customers with reconciliation.
  4. She is able to pull the plug for a few days and can relax amidst the whole business chaos. Ria has automated her payment collection process and reminders are set to manage subscription-based payments, auto-generated invoices now help her with easy payment acceptance without any disturbance in her vacation. 
  5. Easebuzz payment gateway captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer in no time. It ensures all her transactions are carried out securely and promptly. Ria is aware that there is high fraud risk during online transactions, and this is where a payment gateway does its magic
  6. Apart from it, Easebuzz webhook calls for any transaction APIs are automatically made. No matter how many transactions you do, webhook will automatically reconcile them into your CRM and ERP. 
Ria is content with Easebuzz online payment solutions to scale her business

Business online presence to have a massive impact on your success

Ria is very well aware that her online presence is a must. Customers today expect serious business owners to have an online presence. Every type of communication, piece of content, or advertisement that she puts online will drive the consumer back to her website. As the backbone of her online presence, Easebuzz is aware that it is more important than it has ever been to have a website and have a payment processing service provider that will make your business  

With the Easebuzz Webstore, building a website is a piece of cake. Many entrepreneurs like Ria can opt for Easebuzz Webstore that comes with all of the professional tools needed to establish and grow a business website. No technical experience is required to make a free yet appealing website. You can create and customize according to your brand with our easy drag & drop functionality. Everything you need related to your website as well as payment processing strategies to collect payments online is at your fingertips. Right from automated marketing, lead management, user management everything is taken care of by Easebuzz. 

Encompassed with everything that your business needs, Easebuzz enables you to collect payments online and allows customers to pay online anytime and anywhere. With a powerful payment solution suite integrated with Easebuzz Webstore, it offers 100+ payment options and enables it for your customers to pay. 

Outshining the online business with the right payment partner

Make use of Easebuzz right from order intake to clearing and settlement

Ria now speaks to youngsters and beginners venturing into starting a business about her investments in payment processing, building her website, and adapting the right solutions for her needs and challenges. From joining hands with the sportswear manufacturer in India to beauty brands, Ria is in complete awe with the partnership with Easebuzz. She can now sit and relax leaving behind payment challenges of acceptance or disbursals.

Easebuzz caters to her business needs in optimizing payment operations, maintaining business continuity in any challenging environment. From payment hurdles big and small to business growth tips, Easebuzz offers a complete gamut of payment processing systems to make the business a success. 


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