2019 is the age of digitization & automation. Implementation of automation simply adds value by reducing manual labour, saving time & improving efficiency.

So why not automate the sales process as well?

 In any organisation, the sales department plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that the organisation offers that can fulfill their needs.

Automating the sales process

Sales rep(representatives) tend to spend a lot of time in repetitive manual tasks and documentation instead of involving themselves in core sales activities. A solution to this issue is sales automation.

Similarly automating major of the day to day lead management activities will help the sales reps by improving efficiency, saving time & provide ease of operations.

With this motive, we Easebuzz came up with our product – Buildbuzz which automates the core aspects of a typical sales process & provides ease of operations to sales reps.

How Buildbuzz automates sales process

1.  Email Automation & Reduction of manual efforts

  • Sales team spends a large chunk of their day in writing mails, which can be better spent talking to probable leads.
  • Email automation is the solution in this case. There are a lot of sales emails sent in a day, and most of the mails are repetitive. These repetitive mails are welcome emails, follow-up emails, emails for demo, reminder emails & acknowledgement emails.
  • Creating an email and customizing it for each lead is a time consuming task. Email templates can reduce the efforts of typing the same email over and over again.
  • Create and save email templates that can be reused as needed saving lot of time. You can also schedule emails so that mails can be sent out to multiple targets at the same time.

  • Buildbuzz serves as a single source for all the data. It consist of data on potential leads, customers, deals, accounts, and related sales activities.
  • This information has to be entered manually by the sales team.
  • Automating data entry can help reduce the time and effort spent on it. You can create different status labels for every stage of the lead lifetime and can integrate these status with your website and other applications to move your lead from being a “New Lead” to “Converted lead” including data for each status of the lead.

2. Lead capture & nurturing

Automation in the lead capture process reduces manual efforts of maintaining sheets as the data is automatically collected from respective enquiry portals. This data is stored as information in a proper format. Organizations are able to have an extensive lead database which can be used by their sales representatives for activities like follow-ups or lead tracking.

By analyzing the captured leads , sales representatives can have a visual idea of what customers want & they can prepare & proceed accordingly with respective strategies to convert a potential lead. The sales rep can then approach targets in a more convincing way increasing the chances of the lead conversion.

3. Lead qualification

The sales rep can categorize and rate the lead depending on details that a potential lead candidate has filled during an inquiry . Create a lead scoring model with the metrics that are indicative of your business. You can prioritize your leads based on their scores. In case of multi-product company, you can set up different lead scoring models for each product. You can group your leads based on their score as cold, warm and hot.

4. Lead Distribution

Buildbuzz can automatically assign leads to sales representatives based on certain criteria set by organizations. By distributing leads to the right locations and right sales reps, organization’s sales team can prioritize their leads better.

For example – leads from a certain state say Maharashtra, can be assigned to a sales representative of the same state for better proceedings.


5. Role of application form

  • Forms capture the information to be fed into the sales funnel. You want a form automation tool that can be easily hooked to your lead generation pipeline.
  • A company’s website is a top lead source next to word-of-mouth referrals. But a website can only deliver leads if it has a compelling offer, a clear call-to-action and a form to capture the lead details.
  • The form acts as the bridge between your website and your LMS database.
  • With Easebuzz’s Application Form, you can capture the lead details and directly enter the leads into Buildbuzz.
  • Easebuzz forms have drag-and-drop ease, wide integration, custom options, templates, themes and secure connection.

6. Strong Reporting

Detailed reports and analytics will help you understand the sales pipeline and measure the output of the sales process. Multiple reports can be created easily by choosing the necessary parameters. Sales performance can be measured by customizing reports with the KPIs that need to be tracked.

In a nutshell, Buildbuzz will enable organizations to

  1. Focus on right leads

With Buildbuzz, you can focus on the sales-ready leads thereby maximizing sales opportunities.

  1. Quality Engagements  

Sales reps can engage meaningfully with leads and improve the quality of conversations when they are backed up by the necessary context.

  1. Better response time

With a lead management system in place, you can reach out to leads via phone, email, or even chat, get immediate context about their buying intentions and increase your chances of making a sale.

  1. Maximum productivity & ROI

A proper lead management system can help prioritize and assign the right leads to the right sales representative, and reduce lead leakage.

  1. More Accountability 

Lead management processes helps in accountability along every step of the sales process. By generating the right reports, you can get insights into data such as the territories generating the most leads, the response time of each sales representative, etc.


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