Why Business chooses Shopify E-Commerce Platform in India?

The growth of online platforms and change in technology have made starting an internet business easier, and thus have increased the competitiveness of e-commerce in India.

Indian small-medium e-commerce segment has been boosted by Shopify, a Canadian E-Commerce start-up that has flourished in India because of the growing Internet users base and favorable marketplace conditions. The digitization of the economy and the ease of use of cheap internet were some factors contributing to the growth of online sales in India.

Shopify India’s main focus is increasing volume by adding more businesses and generating subscription revenue. Shopify India has been at the forefront of the new wave of direct-to-customer (D2C) brands in India in 2021.

There are 37,859 businesses registered with Shopify in India as on July 2022, which is a steady increase since the outbreak began. An e-commerce database with over 37,847 active members. One in five of these stores still sell clothing, but 14% sell beauty and fitness products.

A majority of India’s small and medium-sized enterprises are family owned and operated, Kirana stores and supermarkets, and regional brands well known in their regions. There is plenty of competition for a piece of India’s huge consumer and retail market, primarily controlled by micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs).

It is no secret that when there is competition for dominance, companies aim to attract new entrepreneurs from established offline businesses. E-commerce and digitalization will play a significant role in online businesses in the years to come.

How does Shopify e-commerce Platform benefit from Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is one of the most important aspects of running an online store (and now brick-and-mortar stores as well). Shopify is an online commerce platform that makes it easy to set up your own store and sell your products, but it does help you out in accepting payments directly.

Using payment gateways, customers can send their confidential payment information to a specific bank and receive a response whether their transaction was approved or declined.

A payment gateway is responsible for all the transactions that take place on your online store.

Furthermore, e-commerce payment gateways verify client accounts details, analyze velocity patterns, process money, calculate tax amounts, and verify address information in India.

Once the customer’s credit card details have been received by the payment gateway, it deducts the amount spent from the credit card and sends it to the drop shipper’s bank account, along with some fees.

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Choosing the right payment gateway for Shopify is Important.

It should go without saying that an eCommerce store can’t make payments with customers without a payment gateway solution.

In India, Shopify doesn’t have its own payment gateway, but it does integrate with third party payment gateway integration providers.

Because the transactions involve large amounts of money, securely encrypted and reliable payment gateways will determine whether buyers are interested in doing businesses with you. They also make transactions much easier to handle since they keep track of everything at one location.

The fact that people tend to purchase using the methods they are familiar with is also worth noting.

The merchant should be aware of all the costs associated with the business; the most cost-effective way to carry out each business function should always be sought after by a successful business owner.

Having multiple payment methods or payment gateways that suit your prospects. This is helpful if you are targeting customers from all over India, and they have a preferred method of payment.

You are aware of the importance of payment gateways for your Shopify store. Let’s see Easebuzz e-commerce payment gateway which help you integrate easily on your online platforms.

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Why Choose Easebuzz E-Commerce Payment Gateway for Shopify Platform?

This is your go-to option for creating your own customized payment system with Easebuzz, easily one of the most powerful and popular Shopify payment gateways providers in India.

Shopify has a robust and efficient system to troubleshoot issues. Service support lets the merchant focus on other aspects of their business and not worry about issues on the technical front.

A seamless integration of the Easebuzz Shopify payment gateway will allow businesses to accept the payment modes of 100+ payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, etc. Easebuzz’s Shopify integration offers secure and seamless payment processing along with customized checkout pages. Setup fees are low, and transaction charges are minimal.

A merchant can accept all forms of online payments with the help of Instant Settlement and other advanced ecommerce payment gateway features. You can create a branded payments page or make your own customizable transactions reports using Easebuzz. Additionally, Easebuzz is a developer-focused Online payment gateway, so you can fine-tune it to suit your business needs.

With Easebuzz, you won’t be charged any signup fees, nor will you be locked into a contract. Easebuzz also boast that they don’t charge any other hidden fees such as authorizations, statements, refunds, PCI-compliant policies, or business cards.

Not only is Easebuzz a developer-centric platform that supports business websites and applications, but it also utilizes cloud-based platforms designed to provide reliability, scalability, and security.

Bottom line:

By integrating Easebuzz Shopify Payment Gateway with your Shopify site, it provides the benefit of receiving payments directly from your website. When you do business online, Easebuzz payment gateway Integration makes your life easier.


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