Why Payout links?

Payout links have become one of the easiest ways for businesses to process payouts to vendors, customers and employees instantly, without the hassles of collecting any bank details.

Through its integrations, businesses can finally say goodbye to different manual financial processes that are time-taking and cumbersome.

Payout links also offer businesses to quickly process refunds and incentives through a simple link.

By eliminating the need to collect and store any bank details, payout links are useful for SMEs across different sectors like e-commerce, manufacturing, export, gaming among others to process any payment instantly.

Easebuzz Payout Links

One fintech firm that offers businesses to seamlessly use payout links is Easebuzz.

●  The Easebuzz Payout API ensures that these payout links are created easily to be shared with anyone.

●  The functionality pushes the receiver to simply open a link and choose the account of their choice.

●  This being carried out without any bank information brings unparalleled ease into the mechanism, eliminating the need to remember any details or the scope of any errors.

●  Moreover, the payout links by Easebuzz offer the best-in-class security, with one of the best success rates in the industry.

●  A service that processes the payment in just a few clicks is right for addressing the different challenges that businesses today face.

Make customer, employee and vendor payouts in minutes using the Easebuzz Payout API.

Easebuzz automatically creates payouts of your available account balance based on the transaction date. To check your settlement via the API, you have to perform a create payout request call and provide the payout date. Easebuzz then checks the settlement transactions and refunds charges via Payout API.

Check the Easebuzz Payout API Documentation – Here

Payout Link Use-Case

Owing to the dynamic nature, these payout links have multiple use cases. With the ability to use IMPS, NEFT or UPI, payout links have the ability to cater to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

E-Commerce returns:

In the case of a product return that has been bought online, processing the refund is usually a cumbersome process that takes 3 to 5 working days. Through PayOut links, e-commerce companies can initiate and process the refunds in seconds.

Online gamine prize:

PayOut links can also come in handy to process online gaming prizes. Processing gaming prizes can be done instantly without any delays or hassles, which otherwise would usually take a few days to process.


Reimbursing the customer for a faulty order or a failed transaction now can be done instantly. All the customer has to do is open the PayOut link and choose the mode of transaction to have the money reimbursed instantly.


Companies use instant cashback as a lucrative benefit. With PayOut links, one can give out instant cashbacks without making the customer wait for the designated period of 90 days. Through these PayOut links, customers also have the privilege of choosing the exact account in which they’d like to receive the cashback.

India has seen an unprecedented rise in digital sales, signaling a digitally forward nation on all fronts. This has also signaled a rise in business transactions, with innovations taking place every day. On this front, payout links have been extremely helpful in deviating transactions from cash based one to a digital landscape. Easebuzz has been at the forefront of this change by developing new strategies and technologies in the fintech space to cater to SMEs. Easebuzz can also help companies integrate payout links ensuring a smooth and seamless payout process.Connect with us at sales@easebuzz.in to learn more about the Easebuzz Payout link feature. You can also drop an enquiry at https://easebuzz.in/contact to book a free demo.


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