The festive season is around the corner. There are holidays coming up with people about to celebrate collectively. You, as an event planner or any business owner who’s looking to host an event at your site, have the event dates confirmed, venue booked, catering & other necessary things managed. Now comes the challenging part, which is to let your target audience/customers to know about your event and turn them in to possible attendees.

How Event Management Software Become the Need for Online Events

In today’s digital world where people spend ample amount of time with their laptops & smart phones, the best way to promote your event and maximize the reach of your event to your target audience is broadcasting it online! Hosting your event online will be very convenient for your customers as they will know everything about your event from the comfort of their homes, workplaces; without having to visit anywhere else. Moreover, with online promotion, there are many other businesses who work in collaboration with the event owners, which in turn results in promotional offers, benefits, discounts, cash backs for your audiences, increasing the chances of having a high number of attendees for your event.

This is where we Easebuzz come in to the picture. We understand that in this world, business owners operate at a lightning pace & get things done quickly. In complement to the above, we have came up with an ultimate solution for managing your event related activities online which is quick, easy & you can go live with your event within minutes. Our smart event management platform helps you right from creating the event to manage the ticket booking & registration of your customers.

Event Management Software helps into Easy Event Creation

Depending on the days of your event, you can create single day event, multi-day event & also recurring event if required. Select the venue of your event with embedded Google maps ,for your attendees to get directions to the venue. You can also add Misc Details to your event page so that you can give the information of event. You can also add Terms and Conditions so that attendees can follow the defined rules. You even get advanced options for your event’s URL like URL identifier which will help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your event. You also get to enable SEO and Google Analytics. You can also generate short URL which can be shared with your audience.

  • If you have any video made for your event or your brand, you can embed the YouTube link of the video, that your audience will watch, when they go through your event’s post on social media platforms.
  • If you have made any facebook page for your event you can embed your Facebook page link so that customer can also be able to see it on Facebook.
  • If you have made any twitter page for your event you can embed your twitter page link so that customer can see your page on twitter.
  • Last but not the least if you have made your event page on Instagram you can embed your page link so that customer can see the Instagram page of your event.

Online Event Management

Ticket Classification

You can create multiple categories for your audiences like VIP, Stag, etc. You can also let ticket be in Limited quantity and define the limited quantity so that customer can buy your event tickets as soon as possible further you can define the price of your ticket and give offer that is completely based on you.

  • Coupons creation is just another feature which will boost your audience to buy event tickets, Easebuzz platform also allows you to create your own coupon and give offers to your customer. You can create multiple number of coupons.
  • QR code: Easebuzz platform also lets you create a QR code so that customer can pay by Scanning QR code will ease the payment and make it more faster.
  • Refund: Easebuzz also lets you refund to your customer in case of event cancellation or any other problems so that customer won’t face any difficulty with refund policies.

Make your event reach your customers

Once you have created your event with all the details, an event link will be created which is shared with your target audience across social media platforms. You can copy the link of your event & share it personally to your audience. Sharing your event link online with your audiences make it convenient for you as well as for your audience. With all the necessary event details you mention during event creation, your audiences get to know everything about your event, the venue, pricing, categories, discounts & many more at a single glance of your post.

Online Event Management

Audiences pay & register for your event

  • Your audience can get your event’s link via any social media channel. Once they access the link, they’ll find all the event details with an option to pay.
  • On clicking on the payment button, they’ll be offered with multiple payment options including mobile wallets to pay online & complete registration for your event. After the payment is done, they’ll receive payment confirmation via email. This will let them know that they have successfully registered for your event.

Event Management Software: M-ticket for the event is received

  • Along with the event booking confirmation email, your audience will have an M-ticket attached. They will download this M-ticket & scan the same at the venue of your event. In this way, your audience will have hassle-free entry at your event.
  • Usage of M-tickets will fade out the fraud & fake ticketing possibility that could occur with paper based tickets. M-ticket scanning is not only quick but also makes sure that only relevant & right audiences get into your event.

Event Management Software: Manage & track your event attendees

Your audience will be attending your event after scanning their M-ticket while entering. Having done this, you can easily monitor their attendance on the dashboard that will be provided to you. Whenever any person scans his M-ticket & gets into your event, his details will be automatically populated in the dashboard. Also the strong reporting feature will give you a information about the attendance of your attendees. This will help you to easily manage & track your event attendees.

In this way, you are exempted from the expenses of owning a website specifically for hosting an event. Also your event creation, ticketing, pricing, booking acknowledgements & reconciliation is easily taken care by our online event management platform.


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