Quick and easy ways to continue running your online business effectively

Thinking of starting an online business in India?

Want to know how to easily collect payment online?

Wondering how big a hole will your online business website create? 

You can rest all your queries and concerns because at Easebuzz we provide a wide variety of payment options to collect payment online as the scope of e-commerce is huge and lucrative. With numerous website builder tools available in India, we will help you in building your customized webstore. This can include your specific business requirements along with creating perfect online business website ideas in India!  Once your online business idea is in place and you are all set and ready to go, the next step is to actually build your online website to make your presence felt. 

Technology has given many organizations the ability to have an extensive target market demographically, which means the approach for managing a virtual business can be dissimilar from operating offices and storefronts. This goes without saying that the method to collect payment online will also differ at all levels. It will be a big mistake if you expect that your remote firm runs in the same way as your traditional business. The thing is, 100% remote customers to your online business requires an entirely opposite management approach. It surely demands vigilance and communication. Also, customers that buy your products and long for your services look for easy-to-make payment solutions. 

Did we speak about the elephant in the room?


Online business is convenient but there are issues faced by consumers. Many consumers become victims of online payment issues. Even though there are several payment methods like Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card payments, and even cash-on-delivery, there are payment failures when businesses collect payment online due to website’s server error, payment gateway error, or issues with OTP. Technical glitches often deduct the payment from the buyer’s account or card, but the website does not receive the payment. Online payments can be taken directly from a bank account through a credit or debit card or through an all-in-one payment processor such as Easebuzz. 

When you’re working with completely remote clients, you need to maximize your time.  The world of online marketing is constantly evolving as new platforms emerge and old ones die away. Here, we discuss a few tips on how to run an online business with 100% remote customers. 

  1. Seamless runway to promote online business

You are shifting your business online. The first thing that comes to your mind is your online website. How will you design it? How will you build it? Get hold of an efficient online website builder that is reliable and scalable as per your requirements. SMEs looking for building a website for their store can opt for Easebuzz Webstore that gives you a platform to sell online in minutes. 

  1. Hassle-free salary payouts

Traditional payroll may not work in a remote setting, where you might have employees who’ve been contracted for just a few weeks. You can opt for embedding a payment API that offers bulk payouts without going to a bank physically to deposit money. When you go for an API solution that helps to initiate employee salaries in bulk, it becomes easy, and paying employees will be no hassle. 

  1. Automate your invoice process

What about the issues related while collecting payment online. Make use of API enabled payment solution to automate your invoicing process  creating and distributing invoices to collect payment online more successfully. Using GST-enabled invoicing software for your service business will help to automate the manual tasks associated with invoicing your customers and collect payment online. 

  1. Automate chasing your payment

Your online business is slowly picking up pace but then you realize there is a lag in payment acceptance. The next tip is to automate chasing your payment to collect payment online. Requesting the payment that the clients have missed is one heck of a challenge. You can opt for API based solutions such as EasyCollect where you can automatically send reminders through SMS, Whatsapp, OBD calls or Emails. For further ease, you can also instantly add payment link to your customized reminders where customers can immediately pay the moment they get notified. 

  1. Create payment links on-the-go

Your customers have shifted the mode of purchase and are opting for online shopping to a great extent. To improve your customer engagement and retention, you will have to think out of the box. Make sure your customers are not made to wait, create payment link right below the product description. Businesses can create payment links on-the-go via Email, SMS, and Whatsapp to get paid seamlessly. This will give your customers a sense of relief and make it feasible for them to pay through any payment mode. 

Closing words:

In the end, it’s about connecting with your customer like a fellow human. It’s about really understanding what content your customer wants and knowing how to bring this content to them. There’s more competition than ever before, and with so many businesses turning online it’s easy to feel lost. Running a completely remote business might be tricky, but following these guidelines can greatly increase your chances of success with which you can seamlessly collect payment online. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of e-commerce through innovation and experimentation! 


The author writes about fintech, banking, and future of SAAS services. He works as an SEO analyst at Easebuzz, so if you're looking for an account that tracks India's fintech scene, you should check out his Easebuzz blog.