Best online payment solutions to boost customer engagement for your business

You work incredibly hard to offer great products or services. The last thing you want is to lose customers at the point of sale, whether at your store, online, or anywhere else. That’s why it’s critical to make sure online payment solutions for your business are as easy as possible for your customer. Making this process easy and elementary is very crucial to encourage conversion of sales. How fast the customers can check out from the website determines their return rate. It’s as simple as that! 

This article pens out how making payments online has become a regular corporate practice in the digital era.  Even if businesses are still unaware of the plan, taking into account the online payment gateway and the checkout page can help the company develop significantly.  

Listed below are a few online payment processing ways for customers that make online payment a cakewalk: 

1. Accept all types of payments from customers

It sounds obvious, but there are websites that offer only one payment method. However, data featured in an infographic from Milo brings to notice that 56 percent of respondents anticipate a range of payment alternatives on the checkout page. Customers have come to anticipate and demand a wide range of payment choices.

Long gone are the days where only cash was used for accepting payments. Thanks to technology, there are various online payment solutions available. Also with players like UPI, mobile payments, mobile wallets, etc. payment space along with online business is shifting more towards the digital side. 

2. Reliable and scalable online payment provider

Online payment systems automate shopper-merchant payment processes while securely delivering transaction data to banks and providing reconciliation to both parties. Easebuzz offers a suite of unified APIs and tools that allow businesses to take and manage online payments quickly and easily. With this customers tend to opt for online payment solutions that offer reliable, easy-to-use, and scalable software that can be trusted by both parties during any online purchase.

Online payment providers such as Easebuzz have emerged as easy account payable and receivable software with their appealing user interface to connect with small businesses in India. This is one of the most dependable online payment systems available, allowing you to pay all of your suppliers, distributors, vendors, and other organizations who require payment for goods or services. 

3. Ensure privacy and safety of customer data

This one remains the most wanted online payment solutions, i.e, Privacy, and Security. Online businesses owners need to provide the highest level of payment security to assure their customers that their data are safe.

Payment gateways have to provide to their platform and whether the payment is safe and can be tracked. Easebuzz is certified for PCI DSS 3.2.1 as a Level 1 Service Provider, adhering to the highest compliance standards. This gives assurity to protect customer information via encryption and ensure their information is passed securely, from customer to merchant to the payment processor. 

4. Instant payment makes it to the win

The next online payment solution is Payment Link. From your Easebuzz Dashboard, you can effortlessly create an immediate payment link and send it to your customers by email, SMS, messengers, chatbots, and other methods. Even with a Payment Link, your consumer has a variety of options for completing the transaction. Payment Links can be used by businesses without a website, as well as businesses with a website that requires an alternate payment method.

5. Automatic invoice generation for instant payment

Create and send GST compliant invoices that your customers can pay online instantly. The online payment process gets quicker and customers encounter a seamless buying experience through the beautifully designed invoice that matches your brand. Listed among the best, these online payment solutions increase accountability and transparency in your business by tracking all account receivables against invoices paid. 

6. Partial and full payments

With payment links offered by the online payment provider, your customer doesn’t have to worry about making a bulk payment all at once. They can pay an amount as an upfront token amount or an advance payment. Your customer is notified about all the payments made against an order via mail and SMS. You, on the other hand, can learn about the payment status and additional information through webhooks.

Notifications include whether the link was enabled for partial payment, the amount paid, and the current due amount on the link, among other things. Your customer can also use the same payment link to make numerous partial payments on an order. 

7. Clean and aesthetic one-page checkouts 

Dwell back to the serpentine queues near your local store. You will not want to subject your user to something similar online, right? Keep your checkout page as short and simple as possible. Apart from it, guest checkouts are a standard feature that has garnered the attention of most ecommerce sites today. Businesses can offer a clean and non-confusing layout for the sign-in / guest checkout page. Also, allow guest users to create an account AFTER the purchase is complete. VOILA! Your work is done. 

Wrapping up:

With new and updated online payment solutions, customers can pay online at any time from anywhere, making them easily accessible and convenient for customers. Overall, increasing your conversation rate requires providing the correct mix of online payment solutions. Customers should be able to pay for your products and services in the way that is most convenient for them. In order to build and maintain a global customer base you need to offer a fast, convenient and frictionless payment experience, and Easebuzz can help you do just that.


The author writes about fintech, banking, and future of SAAS services. He works as an SEO analyst at Easebuzz, so if you're looking for an account that tracks India's fintech scene, you should check out his Easebuzz blog.