How to get started with an Online Business and the ways to promote it?

Many of us have a problem in selling products online. We ask many questions to ourselves before starting to sell online. Some of these typical questions are –

a. How to get started?

The best way to get started is to first understand your positioning in the market and “How you differentiate yourself as compared to others”? Some of the factors to judge differentiation could be –

  • Price
  • Technology
  • Features
  • Marketing

Once you understand, where you stand with respect to others start talking about it to people. The best way to do it is to create a website or an online presence and share it on your own portfolio within social media so that your friends could know about it. Companies like Intlum offer such solutions. This is the 1st step and it helps in a big way.

b. How to promote my product in a bigger way?

Many of us are not connected very well socially. Many of us also want to scale up business. It is therefore imperative that you should know what people want? In case your product has certain qualities which are not offered elsewhere then stress on that factor more than anything else. The way to get started in the most efficient manner is –

  • Look for people who have used your product and ask them to share their experiences. It is always better to promote your product from the words of the user than by yourself alone. The best way to do it is write content around experiences shared by your customers and put in social media, whatsapp and Email for your friends to share and read.
  • Create your business page on Facebook. Invite your friends on the page and allow them to share your product portfolio. To know how to create your facebook page click here – Facebook business page
  • Create content around product features and USP’s it carries and put it on “relevant” websites where people are searching for information related to your product. This creates effective backlinks and also gives you an extra mileage over others. Here are a few Online Business Tools
  • Another way to establish strong connect with audience is “Blogging”. Blog your success stories on the website and share those on all social media platforms. People connect and get inspired by reading your success stories and they share for others to know.
  • Write engaging content on social media so as to spread news about your product and try running Facebook ads and Google Ads. Digital marketing done effectively also helps businesses to scale up and it is very cost-effective and an easy approach.
  • Google ads allows you to run both banner and text ads. Banner ads work on push mechanism where users are targeted on different websites where you believe your potential users could be surfing the internet. To know how to run Google banner ads click here  – Google Banner Ads . The text ads are shown during search results on Google and this is the most effective way to find good genuine leads. This works on a pull mechanism and people looking for a product or service may find you and immediately convert into business. To know how to run Google text ads click here  – Google Text Ads
  • Facebook also allows you to spread awareness about your product using their advertisement model.  You can generate business by creating effective leads ads which is an option on Facebook.  Lead ads can generate leads for your business and you can call them and convert. This is an effective way to tell people about your product especially if you are new in the market. To know more about lead ads on facebook click here  – Lead ads
  • If you have a website where you want audiences to read content based on your product then you can run an effective campaign using “Website click” or “conversion” ads. Conversion ads are pixel dependent where you have to input the event that you want to capture on the website and the pixel code captures those events and shows as a goal conversion. For example –  If I am selling event tickets, then I shall put the event based on “Number of  payments done” on the thank you page of my microsite. The pixel put here on the “Thank you page” will optimize my ads and will convert more based on the audiences that I have set for my targeting. To know more about conversion ads click here – Website conversion ads
  • Lastly, we should not leave our customers. Always remember that references are the best way to scale “effective” business. You may get leads and customers but if you already have an effective customer who is doing good amount of business with you then he referring to his friend can make a lot of difference. So gather feedbacks and look for references. Remember client acquisition is just start of the business but important is “Retention” of customers.

c. How to remain competitive in the market ?

After you have become big, it is also important that your position is not hampered by a new entrant in the market. In order to consolidate your position always ensure to “make a team” that is great. A good team will always manage stuff that can help you to differentiate yourself in the market. Do not forget to raise funds at the right time and work with a good team rather than an average team. Always drive your team spirit with “Problem solving” attitude and allow them to have a free hand. Ensure that they innovate and bring something new for your customers to cherish. Your business will grow and you will be appreciated!