Why Payment Link?

Payment links enable you to accept payments online quickly and without requiring any other digital infrastructure. The process is extremely easy, and you can start accepting payments right away.

The rate of growth of payments transactions in India over the past year has seen a 53 percent increase in volume terms and a 28 percent increase in value terms, according to P Vasudevan, Chief General Manager, Payments and Settlements Systems, Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

What Benefits Does Payment Links Offers?

With Payment links, customers can pay with their preferred payment method simply by opening the link, and all transactions are securely protected by following all the security standards set by 3ds protocol and PCI DSS compliance in India.

Payment link service providers comply with government norms regarding customer data security. If customers are using mobile payments, security measures like 2FA, biometrics, and PIN are added to make payments using linking secure.

Paying links allows businesses to avoid unnecessary expenses associated with maintaining websites and apps, as well as the need to hire employees to do so.

It is easy to set up payment links in seconds, making them an excellent option when speed or flexibility are a priority. A merchant dashboard can track payments in real-time, run analytics, and create graphical images of the transactions processed.

Cash-of-delivery is a function of payments links. When you accept online payments at the time of delivery, you provide customers with a sense of security as well as an online payment option.

Nowadays, freelancers are most benefited from online payments because they can receive money from clients without giving bank account details or using a website or mobile app.

With the advent of payment links, the Indian Ecommerce Business has seen a tremendous boost. Currently, most of the consumers order the items online and choose online payment options. Once the order is received by the customer, they quickly select and pay for the item using the link that the delivery person provided to them.

How to Create Payment Link

Signup for free to start receiving payments online

Step 1 – Create an Easebuzz account. Signup Now.

Step 2 – Confirm Your Email Address

Step 3 – Upload Your KYC Documents

Step 4 – Go Live

This is what your dashboard looks like when you have a live account. Click on + New under the Payment Links tabs.

The Payment Links tabs

Next, click Create New. Then, fill out amount and reason.

Next, click Create New payment link

Your payment links will be shared once you have completed the above information – like below

Your payment links ready

Once the payment has been completed, Easebuzz will show analytics on the payment link dashboard.

easebuzz will show analytics on the payment link dashboard

It is a very useful feature that is offered by Easebuzz free of charge. The only fee that is charged is the Transaction Fee Reduction (TDR), which is the lowest in India. There are no other charges like setting up, maintenance, etc.



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