The world is changing and so are career choices amongst people. With new and improved lifestyle options, freelancing is considered as a more lucrative and peace of mind option in comparison to the traditional office job. Sitting at the comfort of your home, or at any corner of the world, freelancing no longer holds the reputation of being a part-time option. It also has moved on from being a side gig for many people, owing to the growing opportunities it holds in the present working landscape.

The number of freelancers in the country is also growing at an unprecedented rate. The country already has more than 20 million freelancers, and with more and more businesses hiring freelancers, the market is bound to surge even further. Owing to the flexibility of working on one’s terms, freelancing as a working style is bound to be the norm.

While the future seems promising for freelancers, there are a plethora of problems that freelancers face. More so, when it comes to the basics of their operations. In this article let us look at some of the most common problems that freelancers face:

Showcasing their services:

Freelancers are generally unregistered businesses that are relying on referrals from previous clients. It is also extremely important for freelancers to showcase the product or service they are offering since not putting their work out there could lead to a dearth of the same. To overcome this, freelancers are making use of social media to brand themselves and bolster their presence are expected to go the extra mile to turn it into a tangible offer.

Payment irregularities:

Working from home has myriad benefits, but also brings numerous challenges when it comes to invoicing the clients. Adding to the woes is the irregularity of work, which brings with it an irregular payment cycle. With a freelancer adding themselves to the vendor list, having his account details entered into the server, payments go through a whole range of processes to get cleared by the bank. These hindrances are further elevated when the client does not complete payment even after the work is submitted. This leads to numerous calls and emails asking and reminding for payment updates.

An easy-to-use payment solution:

One of the biggest headaches that freelancers have is the mode of payment that is accepted by every client. More often, one has to resort to cheques or bank transfers which brings with it another host of problems that include the likes of raising invoices, managing them, and following up. With not as much free time in their hands as one imagines, freelancers are left with too much responsibility on their shoulders to find the right freelancer payment solution.

But with the development of different fintech solutions, freelancers are looking at having their payments completed digitally instead of the more traditional ways.

Is there a solution?

While many of us have started using UPIs and other digital payment aggregators, corporate organizations might not accept the same, as they cannot expect an invoice being generated for the transaction. To help freelancers and merchants equally, financial solutions are available.

Easebuzz can be your best bet! Easebuzz is a freelancer payment solution that works for every party that is involved. It helps freelancers collect digital payments without needing a website. This can be done seamlessly through a payment link, wherein the client and the freelancer can use the same platform, without downloading any new application. The process begins with freelancers sharing a payment link and ends with merchants or clients clicking on it to complete the payment.

This link can be shared on any platform, from WhatsApp to email, ensuring a smooth payment process for all the parties involved. Easebuzz also lets anyone come onboard in no time, with one accepting payments in a matter of a few minutes. Being a safe and secure solution to accept payments, Easebuzz is slowly but steadily on its way to become the freelancers payment solution for the future.

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