Choose the right online form builder to help with data management

The ever-increasing flood of data is poorly organized and is spread across the enterprise in network drives, emails, shared drives, and even portable devices that include removable storage and mobile devices. Businesses need a better way to face the mountains of data created on a daily basis. Depending on the industry, companies possess between 1 million and 10 million gigabytes of data. Most of this information is unstructured. Of course, this makes document management chaotic. Here comes an online form builder to your rescue!

Online form builders help in data management

Unstructured data is information that does not fit into neat rows and columns. As more and more data is collected from multiple sources, data management analysis, collection, and maintenance require more computational needs. Online form builder tool such as Buildbuzz when installed in your business comes with “n” number of systematic features that can help with data management. 

So what makes a great online form builder? 

  1. Simplifies data collection and management

Without a doubt, this is the most important benefit of using online form builders. They enable you to seamlessly create forms, glean important data from your targeted respondents, collect these forms easily, and manage the data you gathered – all in a simple and non-tedious way. Most online form builders do not require any programming or coding to get started, further ramping up their simplicity and ease of use. 

  1. Cheap and fast way to collect data and insights

Using online form builder tools is way cheaper and quicker compared to creating paper questionnaires and handing them out/mailing them to your respondents. You’ll also save time in collecting the results from your questionnaires – no need to manually enter them into a database! You can quickly deploy your online forms with form builder software and get results and feedback almost instantly. These data through the online form builder tool will also be automatically fed to your system or database, ready for you to analyze.

  1. Customization in form builder software

Form builder tool such as BuildBuzz provides lots of customization options so you can create forms that completely fit the look and feel of your brand. You can be as flexible as you want in creating a form using these tools. Full control of form creation is in your hands by using an online form builder software.

  1. Enhances accuracy of collected data

Using a form builder tool enables you to gather accurate data from your respondents. Form builders let you create standardized data collection tools, ensuring that each person who receives the online form, answers the same question all the time. These tools make it less likely for you to forget capturing certain information, especially when you have to use the form in a face-to-face scenario. 

  1. Instant data tracking 

When your selected online form builder tool is cloud-based your business can have instant excess to your data and your team in the field. Further, your database will be populated with accurate and verified information. All future work and communications will be more effective in helping you drive more business.

  1. Sustainability for the environment

Online form builder apart from managing, analyzing, and syncing the data for your organization also plays a major role in conserving papers environment. 

With online form builders, you can:

  1. Create standard and detailed fields
  2. Choose the right template or improve on existing ones
  3. Integrate your forms in any software or tool you want
  4. Insert features that’ll improve customer experience and minimize survey fatigue/bias such as displaying one question at a time, using conditional logic, or enabling partial submissions 

Build your business future

Create high converting forms with Easebuzz and style its components with Buildbuzz. Last but not the least, Easebuzz boasts a wide range of integrations with CRM, ERP softwares, and payment methods. This online form builder allows you to create both simple and feature-rich forms. You can easily build a fit-for-purpose form, be it registration, contact, subscription, appointment, booking, application, donations collection, etc. Besides, the plugin offers a ton of functionality for free. 


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