The use of an online form can vary depending on the type of business you are in. For Example, if you are an online retailer, you might want to collect customer data to start building your email listing form scratch or find out what your customers think about your products and services. As well, marketers use forms to convert more visitors into qualified leads.

Why do you need a free online form creator

Online form creators are very useful for gathering data about visitors and nurturing them into loyal customers. They can also be used to develop campaigns that encourage sales and strengthen customer relationships.

By creating online forms, you can save time and money, increase efficiency, and ensure you are capturing the right data to achieve your goals. Files stored digitally are secure and backed up, reducing the risk of data loss, ensuring your files can be restored should your home or office be damaged.

Capturing businesses data with Easebuzz Forms

Creating form and collecting data within your organization has never been easier. Easebuzz forms make it possible for you to get started quickly with custom forms that are easy to create.

Easebuzz form offer you the flexibility to create front-end customized forms and to integrate payment APIs seamlessly and easily. With Easebuzz forms lead management system, you can manage your sales leads effectively.

Forms automate workflows, accept payments, generate reports, and reduce busywork, allowing you to use conditional logic, and generate reports.

Free online forms from Easebuzz offers some of the following features

  • Get your website’s performance

Make your website interactive by providing digital forms that customers can fill in and return right from their devices. There is no need to download or print forms, no waiting for them to delivered.

  • Data insights and real-time analytics

Easebuzz forms give you real-time visibility into every form submission, so you don’t have to waste time searching your inbox searching for scanned form submissions.

  • Drag & Drop Interface

Easily create customized forms within minutes with this form builder tool that enables you to drag and drop fields inside the form to get your form up and running in no time.

  • Add rules to specific fields, forms, and pages.

By creating specific field, form, and page rules, Easebuzz forms can be instructed to take specific actions based on responses. The success of online forms can be easily tracked and also seen in real-time when you create a form rule for any specific period of time.

  • UTM Tracking for lead generation

Analytics built into the platform to measure success of your digital marketing campaigns source-by-source. Built-In analytics for UTM tracking (Google) to track results.

  • Payment gateway-integrated free online forms

Make your business online in just 2 minutes with custom payment forms. Just create the form, add your product details, and share over WhatsApp, Email, or SMS, or any other social media. Create as many forms as you want for free.

  • Mobile-friendly forms

Mobile-friendly forms are the most attractive feature of Easebuzz and the platform’s ability to collect order forms, donation forms, and e-signature forms is unmatched by any other free online form builder.

  • Bulk upload data

You will be able to upload bulk data from anywhere, at any time. You will be able to collect all types of files with your form and access them from your account at any time.

  • Take surveys from anywhere and respond to them

Create, edit, and share surveys from your mobile device or tablet. Share your form with others anywhere.

  • Forms for lead generation

You can add your company logo, rearrange form fields, or personalize color and background images for Easebuzz forms as lead generation forms.

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How to create an online form free

Step 1 – Sign-up on Easebuzz online with your KYC details

Step 2 – Or Email us your requirements on

Step 3 – Our support executive will submit a proposal with respect to your requirements for your acceptance and sign-off.

Step 4 – Once done, we will deploy the form for you on your business domain or on

Bottom Line:

Online form creator software, such as Easebuzz, is a cost-effective way to create web forms. It’s also easy to set up and provides seamless integrations and customizations.

With Easebuzz forms builder, you can quickly create forms, collect responses, and be on your way within minutes. As the interface is very clean and offers just enough options, it’s a good option if you aren’t tech-savvy.


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