In this sparkly world of digitization and automation, people like the “online” way of conducting activities. The manual pen and paper based way of implementing things is not only time consuming but also error prone and tedious. The boom of digitization in various domains has not only eradicated the manual processes but also brought in accuracy, ease and reduced the amount of efforts required.

The education domain is one such domain that has immense amount of automation implemented. A traditional education sector framework consists of a mix of school/college administrators, teachers/ trainers, students, parents and other school staff. Automation can be used to assist all functions of the institution such as administrators, trainers, students and parents.

One such function of the education domain is examinations. Examinations, if automated, can make life much easier for the institute side stakeholders.

     Manual processes required for examinations

Institute Side

Conducting examinations is observed to be a hectic job for institution’s administration, especially when it is a manual process. The process is long, tiresome and error prone.

This is where Exambuzz comes into the picture. Exambuzz is an easy to use intuitive platform especially that suits institution’s way of conducting online exams.

How Exambuzz helps Institute

Exambuzz is a multi user access system where in the institute side super admin or principal will have all kinds of privileges. The super admin will be able to create users like faculty, exam coordinator, etc and assign them certain roles that will help to facilitate the exam conduction activities. The super admin can assign roles to created users like question paper creation, student roster generation, scheduling the exams, etc.

The faculty can create and maintain a student repository, where in the user can add all the students of the institute with respect to their batch, specialization, division and other personal details. This student repository can be created, maintained and can be used frequently, whenever the students have to appear for exam. The student list can be easily populated into the system via an excel sheet. Simply fill in the student details in the excel file and upload the same excel file in the system. In this way, all the students will be populated in the system in bulk.

The question paper creation is made very convenient for the faculty as he can simply bulk upload all the questions with its options and simply upload it from the dashboard. Our system supports negative marking scheme, comprehension passages, multi select for correct options, upload image within question and options.

As the faculty who’ll be creating question paper, another faculty can schedule the exam, for which the question paper has been created. The exam can be scheduled for a specific date or a specific date range. The faculty can have the control to schedule the exam slot wise, with custom slot capacity.

Having the exam scheduled, the faculty can generate and share the credentials with students via email.

Student side

Once, the institute is done with all the exam conduction activity, the students receive the credentials using which they can log in and appear for the exam.The students can only see the exam which they are eligible to appear for (as decided by the institute)

This is how Exambuzz helps Students

As the student logs in, he can select the upcoming test that he has to appear for and select any slot among the available slots (if set by the institute).Then student can start with the exam.After completing the exam student will automatically have score calculated in reports tab,where there will be no manual work of calculation of obtained marks.Another additional point of exambuzz is that student can navigate any question from section.(For eg. from any section like ‘Quantitative to logical’ or vice-versa).

How Exambuzz reduces time and effort requires for conducting Exams

In this way, Exambuzz reduces the manual efforts that faculties go through with conducting exams.

Exambuzz will automate the manual process which is done by faculties and make their work easy.


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