There are basically two parts of this App, the core being a payment solution.
So obviously the first few question that comes to mind is what is it ?, How does it help ? and How do we enable it ?,

Well its really simple (We at easebuzz keep it that way).

Now obviously you will have to be a verified Merchant with Easebuzz ,which means that you have a unique user name assigned to you (That’s your merchant name).

Now here is how the App Works,

‘Anyone’, and i mean ‘anyone’ can type in your Merchant Name on the App  then fill in basic details like name ,email and phone, once verified via OTP that ‘anyone’ can now transfer funds to you via our certified payment process.

There is also an add on feature using which the merchant can send a request for payment to any phone number (he gets a message with a link), which basically is the same process only instead of someone specifying that he needs to transfer money to you, you ask for it. (That guy does not need the app downloaded, we have a mobile browser and desktop browser web view enabled and everything).

Well i guess that answers what it is, and how it helps.

The solution that it provides and its implementations are solely dependent on the imagination of the merchant, if a seamless payment solution is what you are looking for, you can stop looking.

Cash on Delivery has a whole new meaning now (Think about it) , Restaurants, Hotels ,Shops that do not have a payment solution or that tacky card reader well they can simply choose to use our App.

As for how to enable it, just call us at Toll Free Number 18008918297 and we will have a dedicated resource to guide you through the process (5 min tops).

The App also includes the below mentioned Feature after Login (This bit is specifically for merchants with events)

It’s purpose is to help you manage your event ticket buyers with ease.

How it Works (Simply Put) :

1) When a Customer buys a ticket online he is sent a QR Code and a transaction id on his respective Email Id
2) On the Day of The event when the customer is at the door step, all you need to do is scan that QR code via the App
3) His information such as his name, email, phone number, amount paid, and number of tickets bought will be displayed to you for verification
4) Mark him as present, and he wont be able to use that QR Code again.

Requirement :
You must have Events registered and Approved by our admins


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