Did you know? According to a survey of Mojo Media Labs, out of 100 event participants, over 90% of the participants prefer an online registration method. This is not very surprising in today’s world of digitization & automation. The paper-based forms consume a great amount of time & it is expensive too, plus there is a critical responsibility of carefully storing the forms at a particular location. Also, paper based forms don’t exactly help in the betterment of our environment.

Paper based forms require maximum human intervention, which could be tedious and it could lead to errors at some point of its course. Moreover, it will be highly inconvenient for your target audience to deal with the paper based forms & the long queues for the submission of the same will lead to an unpleasant experience for your target audience. There are chances that you may lose a possible lead due to the paper based application form process.

In contrary to all of this, if your registration process is conducted via online application forms, then it is a win-win situation for you as well as for your audiences.

Implementing online applications will decrease the overall time needed for your registration process ensuring a quick ‘audience to applicant’ conversion. With online application form you ease the life of your audience as they are free from the hassles of filling up & submission of the paper based form.

We at Easebuzz, understand that in today’s world, people are inclining towards digitization in their day to day life. The solutions that we propose are in total co-ordination with the initiative of Digital India. Our product named Application Form Management is one of our proposed solutions which aims to conduct all the form related activities digitally with automation, to ensure simplicity & ease of operations. Our application form management system has helped our clients from education industry by seamless managing their registration process involving students.

We have simplified the core form related activities, right from the form creation process to accepting payments for the registration.

Form Creation

Our online form management platform contains an inbuilt dynamic form builder, using which you can create custom forms with fields, text boxes, drop-downs and much more. Also, for the payment that you wish to charge for the registration, you will have a payment control block where you can specify the charges for registration w.r.t any of the categories that you provide. Your audience will be able to see the charges that they have to pay & then proceed with the registration.

An example of this would be registration for any exam. Any exam organized by an institute will have streams/subjects that students will wish to register for. Here, the institute can create a form with payment blocks set for each and every subject/stream to charge the registration amount to students.

Our inbuilt form builder with custom validations will help you to accept various sorts of information that you require from your applicants.

Once you have created your form, you can make it live within minutes & share the form URL with your audiences. You can even schedule your form to go live on a specific time & date.You can even publish your forms using a simple QR Code.

How audiences register with your form

Your target audiences, with whom you have shared the URL of your form will access the form URL & complete the registration process by filling in basic details. To do so, we give your audiences an option to use social auto-fill, which will fetch their details from their registered Google or Facebook account. Having done that your applicants will receive newly generated credentials on their email to verify themselves & proceed with the form filling process.

Once they fill in all the details of the form, they will proceed to payment required for the registration. As our product is integrated with our Easebuzz payment gateway, your audiences will have 100+ payment options to complete the payment & payment acknowledgements w.r.t every transaction they make.

In this way your audiences can turn into applicants by accessing your forms online from anywhere & also complete the payment anywhere, any time. This is convenient for the applicants as the long queues for the registration are skipped, time is saved and registration process is simple.

In case of QR based registration, your audiences can use the QR code to easily access your form on their smartphone or mobile device. QR Codes can be scanned with an application so your users can quickly and conveniently get to your form instead of having to type a long URL.

Form management

You can easily track & manage the activities of your audience with your form on the dashboard that is provided. If an applicant pays the amount & successfully registers using your form, you can view the applicant details from the dashboard.

Also we provide extensive reports that will help you analyze your form. Some of the reports that you can generate are UTM reports, demographic reports, registration reports, payment reports & report presenting year wise performance of your form.

With the payments & refund related information, with these advanced analytics, you also get to study the performance of your form.

Also, our application form management system is integrated with another of our product named Lead Management System(LMS) which will help in capturing of the leads and updating the status of the same.

In this way, our application form management system is a one stop solution for organizations to simplify their form creation & management process. On the other hand, the registration along with payment process is simplified for the audiences. In this way help to remove hurdles in the process & ensure a win-win situation for both organizations (merchants) & their target audience.


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