According to the latest reports by the SMB Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs), India currently has more than 48 million SMEs.

The SMEs in India, with their business ideas & mode of operations have a great scope of growing their business into respective domains. In this digital era, where majority of the customers like to conduct things online, these SMEs are shifting to conducting business online, with digitization & automation. When you sell products online, not only you save time but also you maximize the reach of your products with customers.

Nowadays customers prefer easy & convenient mode of buying your products that is online shopping. According to report by, by 2022 the e-retail space will grow to valuation of 52 million USD.

A Criteo survey (India’s leading performance marketing technology company) revealed that 74% of participants in the survey have 2 to 3 shopping applications installed on their phones.

Shopping via online applications is the latest trend now.

Giving your customers a premium shopping experience is one of the most critical factor for business owners .However, conducting your business online requires a website to host the products that you wish to sell online & and also you need to have a payment gateway integrated with your website to provide your customers online payment options.

For micro-businesses owning, managing & maintaining websites to host their products along with payment gateway integration may burn a big hole in their pockets. Also their business plan & financial budget might disrupt before even they start to conduct their business online.

Requirements to run a business online 

We at Easebuzz, understand that small businesses don’t have the biggest budgets, which is why we came up with a one stop solution that lets you host your products online & also provide online payment option to your customers. We want to support SMEs & local businesses without a website and be a part of their growth.

Easebuzz Web store caters all your e-commerce needs by letting you to quickly create & host multiple types of products on a digital platform, that will be owned only by you. We provide a facility for business owners to create products like events, physical items, digital items or service with integrated payment gateway, eliminating the need & hassle of creating, maintaining their own website. Also you we enable selling products on Whatsapp as the link of your product will be generated; using which customers will view & pay for your product.

Thus, we also eradicate the expenses required for hosting a website followed by its maintenance. You can connect and share your web store link with your customers via any social media channel.

1.Host physical goods– If you are into selling any physical products like apparels, sports items, furniture, toys, gifts, cakes, stationery items, etc. you can use our platform to host your product & sell it. This process is quick & easy. All you need to do is enter details about your product (product quantity, refund policy, product link URL, pricing categories & custom coupons according for your audience). Once you fill in all these, a link of your product will be created which can be shared across your customer base. On accessing this link, your customers will see your product with all its details that you put while creating. This will give your customers a look & feel of a typical e-commerce website, without actually owning a website.

2.Host Digital Items– We let you to sell digital products online. Any digital item like an e-book, photos, document,etc can be uploaded in a zip file & hosted using Easebuzz web store. Similar to physical product, you get to enter all the details of your digital product(upload images representing your digital product, refund policy, pricing categories,custom coupon creation).The link of your digital products can be shared with your customers so that they buy your digital item.

3. Host an event – This an ultimate solution for managing your event related activities online which is quick, easy & you can go live with your event within minutes. Our smart event management platform helps you right from creating the event to manage the ticket booking & registration of your customers.You can easily create events with its details like date range, venue, ticket categories, discounts, coupon codes & share your event links directly with your customers. Your customers on accessing your event link will pay for the ticket & register your event. They will receive an m-ticket which is scanned at your event venue & you can easily track attendance of your audiences who entered your event.

4.Host a service – We let you to sell professional services online. Similar to events,you can create a service that you provide to your customers. You can enter the venue of the service where you’ll provide the service. You can also create custom categories for your service eg – monthly, quarterly,yearly etc. with coupons & custom pricing category according to your audience.

Customers, when they access any of your product link & head towards payment, they will be taken to our Easebuzz payment gateway, where they will have numerous modes of payment available to complete the payment.Post payment, customers will receive payment acknowledgement regarding their transactions.

Easebuzz thus benefits micro-businesses by eliminating the need to have a website, security compliance & other major parameters that are needed to run an online business. Business owners from any domain can simply provide their custom requirements and we will provide best fit solutions accordingly.


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