Every business owner/freelancer is familiar with the term – Invoice. An invoice is a list of products or services given to your customers/client /users that includes the cost of those services. In other words, an invoice is a bill. Invoices come in all shapes and sizes. They can be handwritten on a scrap of paper or put together in an excel sheet.

In this sparkly world of automation & digitization where most of your tasks are eased, it’s high time that you automate your invoicing process as well.

Why should you automate your invoicing process? 

Even today, there are organizations still using old fashioned ways to process their invoices. This traditional method of processing invoices is time consuming. As there is human intervention in this process, you may know that there are chances of this process being error-prone. Also situations may arise when your customers don’t pay on time & you may have to take the long & tiring follow-ups.

Altogether, the traditional manual process is slow, tedious & requires ample amount of human intervention which could lead to errors.

We at Easebuzz, understand the value of time that business owners need to spend in their professional life. We came up with a smart invoicing solution that automates maximum of your invoicing process & provides ease of operations with maximum accuracy & efficiency.

Easebuzz invoices

We offer you a one stop solution where in you conduct all your invoice related activities seamlessly. Swiftly create & issue invoices to your customers via email & SMS and simply await payments in your bank account. Share the invoice payment links with customers & enable them to pay online.

A strong CMS powered dashboard lets you manage your invoices – with your customers, items/services (that you provide to your customers), all your calculations with taxes, discounts, deductions, custom charges and more. Manage all of these features from a single dashboard!

1. Customer & Items Management

You, as business owner or merchant may have a huge customer base. Also, you may have to send invoices to all these customers repeatedly depending on your supplies/services to your customers.So we provide you with a customer repository where you can create & store all your customers with their details, which are necessary in an invoice like billing address, shipping address, contact details, GSTIN & personal details. Similarly you can create your products/line items that you want to attach in your invoice. In the items repository you’ll have, create all the products / items that you provide to your customers. You can create and store items with its details like rate per unit, taxes, its HSN/SAC code.

The Customer & Item repositories will help you to quickly assign an invoice to your customer with the items provided.

From the dashboard, you can easily edit & manage customer & item details in these repositories.

2. Invoice operations

  • Quick Invoice generation

As your customers & items are already created, drafting an invoice would be quick. To begin, you will create an invoice number which will be unique number for that particular invoice.Further, simply choose the customer to whom you want to issue to invoice. Select customer’s billing & shipping address which you entered (while creating customers in repository)

  • Easy populating of line items & calculations

Add the items/products in your invoice, define the quantity of the products. You can apply discounts on the price of your line items. Also certain deductions & additional charges can be applied on the final payable amount of your invoice. Once you apply your charges, deductions & discounts, your calculations w.r.t taxes will be done for you. You can set an expiry date for your invoice to expect payments from your customers in a timely manner with a feature to send payment reminders to be well informed about the payment.

  • Give your customers flexibility to pay

Often there are situations where in customers prefer to pay you partially. Keeping this in mind, we let you create splits on your the total payable amount of your invoice. For example, if the total payable amount of your invoice is Rs.1200, you can create splits of let’s say Rs. 400 each. In this way , your customer will pay the total of Rs.1200 in 3 splits (Each of Rs.400 ) This will let your customers to have flexibility in paying & customer retention could rise.

  • Issue invoice to customers.

Once the invoice is made & your splits are set, you can issue the invoice to customer on their Email & SMS. Your customers will receive a payment link for your invoice where in they will see your invoice with all the items charged & they can proceed to pay. If you have created splits on the payable amount, your customers will pay the respective amounts in splits as per the split ratio you make, while creating the invoice.

3. Invoice Management

 From the dashboard, every single invoice you create or issue or just draft & save, is easily accessible to you. You can view & edit the invoices which you have simply created & not issued to any customer.

  • Payment reminders

For all the issued invoices (sent to the customers), you can send payment reminders to customers to remind them for the payment.

  • Monitor Invoice status

Whenever customers fully or partially pay for your invoice, your invoice will automatically have respective statuses on the dashboard. Similarly, when customer fails to pay the invoice amount before the expiry date, the invoice will have ‘expired’ status.

  • Cloning & Bulk Cloning of invoices

There are often cases where you provide same products/services to more than 1 customer. Here, cloning of an invoice will help you to issue the same invoice to any other customer. Also, to issue the same invoice to a whole group of customers bulk cloning is useful as you simply upload an excel sheet filled with your customers’ details & done. The same invoice will be issued to a specific group of your customers, that too within a few clicks.

In this way we provide an end to end solutions to our merchants by providing them a seamless process to create & manage invoices from a single dashboard, reducing the efforts required for reconciliation.

Our smart invoicing solution is integrated with Easebuzz payment gateway, you can offer your customers an option to pay online with 100+ payment options that Easebuzz payment gateway supports. Easebuzz being PCI DSS compliant ensures that your customers’ transactions are secure.

Benefits of Easebuzz Invoices to merchants

  • Receive payments in a timely manner
  • Well predicted cash flow
  • High customer retention
  • Receive quick & secure payments with acknowledgement
  • Real time payment updates

Benefits of Easebuzz Invoices to merchant’s customers

  • Receive invoice on SMS/Email
  • Get payment reminders to pay in time & avoid late fees
  • Pay online from anywhere, on the go & receive acknowledgement.
  • Pay in splits set by merchants
  • Quick & secure payments with 100+ payment options

Easebuzz invoices helps both the merchant and his customers by simplifying the invoicing process & reducing the error-prone manual efforts required to draft an invoice.

Our automated invoicing solution brings in ease of operations & boosts productivity, releasing the merchants from the hassles of manual process & saving their time which can be spent to concentrate just on business.


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