Cash shortages, sudden educational expenses, medical emergencies could arise at any given point in time. These also pose unavoidable financial strains that we’ve all witnessed. At times like these, when there is a dire need for quick cash, there is always a tedious and onerous process that banks have for the disposal of funds in the form of loans. Right from applying for the loan to the approval process to the disbursement, the process is arduous for everyone.

However, with the advent of digital technologies in the financial landscape, this problem has seen numerous solutions arise in various forms. This has enabled people in dire need not to give in to the draconian terms set by the money lenders but has offered them a quick and easy way to attain funds – one with flexible tenure and affordable interest rates.

Now launching instant small loans online in India is Easebuzz. Instant small loans online in India like the one Easebuzz is offering ensures an individual can get a high loan amount that is independent of the collateral that they wish to put forth. This is made possible by relying only on the individual’s profile and their repayment capacity. Another facet that plays a major role in determining the amount that can be loaned out is the income of the individual.

Instant personal loans online through Easebuzz can help individuals manage their personal, medical, or educational emergencies without any hassles. Individuals can attain a loan for up to 5 lakhs at the best interest rate that is available, all through a flexible and simple online application.

‘Apply within a few minutes’ Personal and Education Loan Facility

For an individual looking to apply for a personal loan, 

  1. They must first submit an online application that lists down their loan requirements and their personal information. 
  2. Upon submission, the individual receives a list of all the banks and NBFCs that are ready to offer a loan. 
  3. Individuals can get an e-Approval from the lender and begin their e-verification process. Once the agreement is signed, the amount is disbursed instantly. 

With no hidden charges, minimal documentation, Easebuzz ensures that the entire process is secure and quick, all whilst being paperless.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that individuals applying for a loan must submit the required documents that include the likes of identification proof, address proof, proof of income, employment certificate (for salaried individuals), investment proof (for self-employed individuals) along with the latest photograph. 

For individuals applying for an education loan, one must keep their KYC documents, guarantor form, a copy of the admission letter along with the fees schedule, and mark sheets handy.

Things to keep in mind:

Whilst Easebuzz offers instant loans, it is imperative for individuals to keep a few things in mind. These include the likes of maintaining a good credit history, assessing all the costs that are involved, evaluating the ability to repay the loan, and being wary of dubious schemes and offers that have plagued the market. Along the same lines, individuals applying for an instant personal loan online in India must read all the necessary terms, and conditions before signing. To learn more about our offering Drop an Enquiry

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