India is witnessing a massive growth in e-commerce business opportunities thanks to digitization. With ease & flexibility in payments, quicker deliveries of the goods, attractive offers, discounts, internet shopping is turning out to be the primary way of shopping.

In compliment to the above, your customers are and will continue to shop online.

So the checking out is as important as your website’s landing page. When configured correctly, you will be able to increase conversion rates, by offering a great checkout experience.

A perfect checkout experience all about removing distractions and making the ordering process as easy as possible for the customers. If something goes wrong, or if the customer finds the process too complicated or unfamiliar, he or she will leave.

Keeping this in mind we at Easebuzz, came up with a new feature named Easy Checkout which will provide our customer a premium checkout experience while paying online.

What is Easy Checkout actually?

Customers who shop on any e-commerce website, select the product that they wish to by & they head to the final checkout page. At that final payment page, Easy checkout will enable the customers to complete all their payment related activities in a single I-frame that will appear over the final payment page.

Payment experience without Easy Checkout 

  1. In simple terms, customers who are about to pay for any product are on the final checkout page have to select their mode of payment & then they are redirected to the payment portal of the respective banks. Customer are re directed to a new tab, leaving the e-commerce website & for the authentication of transaction.
  2. So, customer receives OTP to authenticate the transaction, for which he checks his SMS/Email & then enters the OTP in the newly opened portal of his bank.
  3. After this is done, he is then redirected back to his e-commerce website where he is confirmed about the payment of his product.
  4. This process at times can be a quite confusing at times as the customer is redirected to multiple windows. And if in any case his payment fails, it would be an unpleasant experience to the customer, which could also lead to failure of the sale & he may lose faith in the e-commerce website.

Payment experience with Easy Checkout

  1. With Easy Checkout we intend to give buyers a premium, simple yet effective & convenient checkout experience so that our buyers are happy & well informed about the payment status.
  2. When buyer will proceed to pay by selecting any payment option like Cards, Net-banking or any wallet, Easy Checkout will display the respective screens related to their payment interface in an I-frame. This will be displayed in the same e-commerce website page, where the buyer has opted to pay.
  3. Buyer won’t be redirected to any other windows or tabs during the whole payment process. Buyer can also view the final acknowledgement of his payment on the same screen.

Benefits of Easy Checkout

Our motive behind implementing Easy Checkout

Remove distractions and make the process as intuitive, effortless, and fluid as possible. With Easy Checkout, your website should see a decrease in abandoned orders and an up scale in successful orders. Also your customer retention will be stronger & consistent as customers are provided with a seamless checkout. The customer base will only expand which in turn, will contribute to overall success of the e-commerce website.



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