Easebuzz introduces a credit point system to facilitate merchants in reaching to their customers. Merchants can now use these credit points to send emails and sms to their customers and will be used as the currency for any future services that easebuzz will be offering.

Why do we need credit points ?

It greatly reduces the hassle that many merchants face whilst trying to contact their customers by allowing them to use these credit points for sending emails and sms. It also acts as an Easebuzz virtual currency that can be used and purchased with just a few clicks in the credits tab.

What makes us different ?

We at Easebuzz care and understand the importance of staying in constant touch with customers, which is why we provide every merchant with 100 credit points when they sign up and also offer them easy mechanisms to get credit points to suit their need. Easebuzz is not merely a place to sell, it is a complete portal that aims to give sellers that extra edge they need in terms of getting new customers, retaining customers and widen their reach.

How do I get credit points?

Every merchant gets 100 credit points by default as soon as they activate their account and upload their documents. Merchants can purchase credit points directly with the revenue that they earn on Easebuzz. If they do not have enough balance in their payouts, then they may also purchase credit points by one of the many payment mechanisms we offer like debit/credit card or netbanking.

Users who wish to sell their products online and get in touch with their customers should now start selling quickly. Just sign up and start using Easebuzz. Do not forget to write us on support@easebuzz.in for any question or concerns.


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