Easebuzz takes another step in cementing their position as the #1 freelancing platform in the country. Easebuzz now allows merchants not only to create and sell their favorite items on Easebuzz, but also to sell directly from their own websites. Merchants can simply copy the button code from the dashboard and paste this directly on their website from where users can directly transact.

Where can I get my “Buy Now” button?

Merchants get an option to copy their “Buy Now” button once they are done creating their link. They can also get their “Buy Now” button from the dashboard by clicking on the ‘View Info’ button of the link they want the button of, and obtain the button.

How do I use my “Buy Now” button ?

Simply copy the button code and place it anywhere on your website. The button will render automatically and users can then start buying directly from your website.

Note: The button text and style can be overridden to suit the merchants website.

Users who wish to sell their products online directly from their website should now start selling quickly. Just sign up and start using Easebuzz. Do not forget to write us on support@easebuzz.in for any question or concerns.


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