1. Offer multiple payment modes to your customers

In 2019, if you are about to run an online business, one thing you must take care of is digital payments. With the boom of digitization & e-commerce, millions of customers prefer online payments rather than the traditional payment by cash.

Why is providing online payment options necessary?

Following are the statistics by Statistia.com of representing Digital payments in India.

The total transaction value in the Digital Payments segment amounts to US $64,787m in 2019. The total transaction value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 20.1% resulting in the total amount of US$134,588m by 2023.

Online shopping is the current trend & this is why digital payments in India have observed a vast growth. There are various modes of payments available for your customers to choose from. You as a business owner, must provide a variety of online payment modes so that your customers have a wide range of options to choose from & can pay conveniently.

We Easebuzz let your customers to choose from 100+ Online payment options including wallets.

2. API Integration

Integrate your website or application with Easebuzz payment gateway APIs & go live within minutes. A Online payment gateway API integrates with your existing digital processes to connect your company’s checkout system to a payment acquiring networks.

Having a payment gateway API will

  • Enable your business to interact with customers in more than one place.
  • Enable your business will have real-time purchasing data to inform smarter marketing decisions.
  • Keep your customer data safe and secure

3. Domain specific solutions

 Easebuzz, being an E-commerce payment gateway not only provides payment solutions, but also caters business needs of various domain like Banking & Finance, Education. Our products strongly fulfil the needs of SMEs, who don’t have biggest of the budgets to maintain their own website or own a payment gateway. Our products operate with maximum efficiency & automation, making life easier for our merchants & merchant’s customers.

Below is a list of our products that provide ease of operations in whatever domain they are being used.

  • Easebuzz Webstore– Easebuzz Web store caters all your e-commerce needs by letting you to quickly create & host multiple types of products on a digital platform, that will be owned only by you. We provide a facility for business owners to create products like events, physical items, digital items or service with integrated payment gateway, eliminating the need & hassle of creating, maintaining their own website. Also you we enable selling products on Whatsapp as the link of your product will be generated; using which customers will view & pay for your product.

With Easebuzz Webstore you can :

  • Host & sell any physical item
  • Host & sell any digital item
  • Host & sell any service that you provide
  • Create & manage your event online
  • Payment links– This is our smart payment solution for businesses where in you owners can simply share the payment links with their customers through any social channel and get paid instantly, without the need of a website.According to businesses & their volume, we have types of payment links that will get you paid instantly.

Ease Pay – Create your own payment link & share with customer. Customer will enter the amount & you will be paid.

Quick Pay – Create your own payment link with a fixed amount that you wish to collect from your customers.

Easy Collect – Create payment links in bulk to collect payments from multiple customers, send payment links via Email/SMS & easily manage all your links from the dashboard.

  • Slices – A perfect platform to automatically split and transfer funds to your vendors on every sale.Slices allows you to settle funds while handling multiple vendors at a single place, without having a nodal account.
  • Smart Billing – Smart billing is a suite of Subscription & Invoicing solutions that helps you create customized subscriptions for your customers & collect recurring payments. Also generate customized invoices to collect timely payments from your customers. For organizations who charge their customers with frequent rentals, we provide an easy-to-use, fast & automated platform to create subscriptions & charge customers according to the billing frequency & billing cycle that you create.
  • Forms – A combination of Lead Management System & Application form utility that automates your lead management process & form creation process. We enable you to easily manage your leads & collect lead data via online forms.
  • Feesbuzz – This is an automated platform to collect & manage online fees. We offer custom fee structure generation with installment management w.r.t to student’s courses & batches. Also, manual reconciliation is reduced at a greater extent as all the payout reports are easily available on the dashboard.

4. Data & Insights 

Advanced analytical reports that you can generate from the dashboard provides you extensive information about your customer’s spending behaviour on your website. You can know the reasons as to why your customer has cancelled the transaction. These insights will help you in taking better decisions & prepare better strategy after analyzing your customers’ behaviour.

5. Fraud Prevention & Security 

Easebuzz is PCI DSS compliant, ensuring all the transactions that merchant’s customers make are safe & secure. Our merchants who use our payment gateway to accept online payments from their customers are ensured about the security that is provided to customer’s sensitive card related data. We are also Comodo SSL certified, that to protects customer transactions by encrypting customer data.

6. Dedicated Support team 

In cases where merchant’s customer face any issues related to transactions, payment failures, refund issues, payout issues we have a strong & dedicated support team that tries to resolve your queries at the earliest.



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