Data! It is all worth the hype. Data has been there for years and in the past, we all have been tickling it but now, in recent years all we are doing is drilling it down, finding new patterns, new insights from it and this is nothing but data analytics in general. Data is the base of any business, let it be small or big and to grow that business one needs a thorough knowledge of their own business and their performance in the market. For both the purposes, Data Analytics is the solution. From aiding decision-makers in chalking out plans and strategies to bringing new innovative ideas for business data analytics is everywhere. 

It is always heard nowadays “Data is the new Oil” and that is true in every sense. Not only the cost of data makes it valuable but the kind of effort put in to make it valuable, understandable, and usable makes more of the cost of data. Fin-tech being a totally data-driven domain, it is of immense importance that the data has to be available, untampered and secure. We, at Easebuzz, take full care of all these for all of our users. We being payment aggregators, deal with Banks, Merchants, and Customers. With only one cycle of the online transactions by the customer, against a merchant, there is a decent amount of data generated and all that is captured for live reporting to the customer as well as merchants.

What analytics do we provide with all the data at our disposal?

Analytical graphs, pie charts, and visualizations make data relatable and readable for the merchants. Merchants are always interested in knowing their progress. With all the qualitative and quantitative analysis of data and applying some logical techniques on top of it, we provide basic trends with drill down on many levels to the merchants. Like, how they are doing for the day or month or even over a certain date range or how they are retaining customers and how much they are losing if at all they are. Reporting is the most important reason, we do data analytics for our merchants. For every merchant, there are certain segments of their customers. These segments of customers are found for the merchants on the basis of many analytical techniques which allows merchants to plan for some promotional offers or even some giveaways, so, as to attract a certain customer segment. This segmentation also makes it possible for merchants to decide in which segment to invest more and in which not to. This is how merchants grow their business with our analytics. 

What Easebuzz do with data?

Being a data-driven domain, the Fin-tech domain also attracts many challenges, as it ultimately comes down to money. We work on data with utmost care. To keep it available 24*7 with utmost security. We mostly use cloud services to keep all our products up and running always. Data is also stored on cloud-hosted databases and data warehouses, this ensures fast and easy retrieval of data. Mostly retrieval of data from storage for analytics and then report generation from that is the working of the team. With the data at our disposal, it is also possible to track and identify malicious activities against a merchant or even customers. Data brings a lot of responsibility with it. Easebuzz refrains from misusing data for any kind of profit and ensures total data security. Easebuzz on the other side of the coin analyses all the businesses running on the platform including ours. With the analysis of our business and market requirements, we have built a strong ecosystem of Payment Gateway and Online payment-related products, Payment Link Solutions like Easepay and Quickpay, Smart Billing Solutions like Invoicing Solutions, Recurring Payments and Wire transfer.

We help merchants with data analytics and help them shape their future. With PCI-DSS compliance, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certification and COMODO SSL certification. We also have a presence in education with ERP which helps manage institutions timely, easily and in an accurate manner. We also have developed sales CRM solutions to efficiently manage customers. We have earned the valuable trust of our merchants, customers, and banks. Easebuzz will always contribute to improve society and help India become a tech-nation.    


The author writes about fintech, banking, and future of SAAS services. He works as an SEO analyst at Easebuzz, so if you're looking for an account that tracks India's fintech scene, you should check out his Easebuzz blog.