In today’s world of digitization, we require everything to be automated, in every school or college there is a manual process of conducting some or other activities. Each and every school/college take attendance manually with pen paper and also maintain it further to keep track of students’ attendance, moreover school/college requires time-table so that schedule can be given to students to study accordingly. Also, the most important is report generation where it most tedious job to do it manually.

This is where we Easebuzz comes into the picture where we provide an ERP for educational institutions. We Easebuzz provide a product named as Student life cycle management system (SLM) which does all the activities in an automated way and store it on the cloud so that it will be safe from data loss. SLM is a complete school management ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software that covers all the functions required for school and also for college.

SLM is a multi-user access system where it has various roles access like admin, faculty, student, a parent will have respective logins to log in the web portal as well as a mobile application. (IOS, Android). SLM stores all the curriculum data of an institute to keep a track of subjects. SLM also stores faculties data, student’s data, parent’s data to manage each and every activity related to it.

SLM stores assignments data to keep track on given assignments to students. The most important for any educational institution is conducting attendance, scheduling time-table for students is a tedious job to do but SLM does all this activity in an automated manner right from taking attendance to scheduling a time-table. SLM also takes care by storing the data of student evaluation marks which can be both internal and external. SLM has analytics module including various reports based on attendance and marks, top 10 students etc. SLM also has notification module which will notify about activities which is ongoing. Finally, last but not least SLM has NAAC (National assessment and accreditation council) module which will help educational institutions to improve their organization goals.

Admin Role

For managing the activities an organization requires an admin to coordinate the work simultaneously, the admin side has full privileges to control all the modules present in SLM, the admin can be the principal of educational institutions or any system admin.

Moreover, admin side can create faculty and assign the roles to particular faculty, admin can create a time-table for faculty and take attendance if possible, admin side can also create students and have full control of all modules.

Faculty Role

Faculty side will have a view of scheduled lectures that have been created by the admin side and respective faculty can take attendance of an assigned class. Faculty can also give reference material to students to refer to subjects, the main advantage is faculty can be able to give assignments to students right from their portal or from a mobile application.

Faculty side can be able to take internal evaluation/external evaluation also faculty can see the reports of attendance which is been missed of the respective class. faculty can also see a query posted by the student in which faculty can solve the query of students. This helps faculty to keep a track of student queries. In a nutshell, Faculty can take attendance of the classes they have been assigned to by the admin, Faculty can upload marks of the students. Can view their schedule/ timetable. Can generate student attendance and evaluation marks reports of their respective classes.

Student Role

The student side will have their credentials to log in to the web portal or application, student side will be able to see the scheduled time-table on their screen. Students can upload their assignments in a given time slot. Due to the extensive analytics we provide, students can have a detailed analysis of them

Subjects – Semester wise electives, mandatory subjects

Assignments – A record of assignments for the respective student is displayed in an organized fashion w.r.t; to the faculty assigned, start date, end date, due date, etc.

Evaluation – Subject wise evaluation according to performance, competency score, progress analysis.

Placement – A module where students can apply for jobs/internships, recruiters can post jobs/internships and view the student job application profiles.

Parent Role

Parent side will simply have login credentials to login and they will be able to see student overall activity, same on the other side with the mobile application, parents get their login credentials and are well informed about student’s performances in all aspects (academics, exams, etc.)

In this way, the student life cycle management system helps educational institutions to do all student activities and eliminate the manual work of doing things.


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