Buzzing For भारत


India is moving towards an MSME revolution. The sector is widely considered the backbone of India. Initiatives such as Make in India’, Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ are helping to fuel the desire to make India a global centre. Many Indian companies are on a path to competing with other countries by leveraging their ability to deliver the right products and services at the correct price and quality at the right time.

More than 50% startups registered after 2014 are from tier II & III. Cities like have all registered economic growth at 40 per cent or higher, driven by the rise of new businesses and startups, as well as multi-national companies opening up bases there. As per a recent Google report, 90% of internet users in India prefer to consume content in their local language.

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are embracing digital services with about 66 percent moving to online sales post COVID-19, according to a report by fintech platform NeoGrowth Credit titled “MSME Insights Report 2022.”

The majority of SMEs come from Bharat not from India. Last decade, the world saw emergence of Startup heroes from India, we believe that this is a decade of Bharat. Among Bharat users, 56% use UPI and 49% use mobile wallets multiple times a week. Breaking away from traditional means, Bharat users are investing in stocks, mutual funds and e-gold.

Easebuzz takes immense pride to be an enabler of growth for SMEs in Bharat. 

Easebuzz is helping businesses to digitize payments without worrying about setting up new tech systems and business processes. Generally, early-stage growth companies face complex business scenarios as they grow and in trying to solve these scenarios, they end up with high-cost centres with banks or other financial institutions. 

Easebuzz always wanted to accelerate business growth for MSMEs. Our focus is on understanding the real-life problems of MSMEs and designing smarter better faster solutions for them. Easebuzz digital payment solutions’ intent is to improve the ease of doing business. An entrepreneur always wants to focus on the core function of business and not on managing day-to-day finances. Making a smart digital finance ecosystem for SMEs is the dream of every Easebuzzian.

Easebuzz is taking immense pride in celebrating MSMEs contribution to the Indian economy with #Buzzingforभारत