Embed 5 powerful tools and quickly increase your online sales 

Traditional marketing methods are well-known among businesses around the world for boosting competitiveness. And then there’s web marketing, which has virtually endless possibilities and options. What if there were a method or even a process—that you could apply to increase website sales? Wouldn’t that be swell? Well, there is. 

We as a fintech solution provider have come up to your rescue and have turned it into a checklist. Before we get started on the checklist, make sure you have actual, measurable goals in place. All your goals are divided into key activity modules. Proceed with defining activities to achieve the metrics. If you don’t have a single focus for your site, it’s very difficult to achieve results. 

5 tools with 5 benefits to boost your sales

  • Automate processes and save time
  • Facilitate launching of your omnichannel strategy
  • Speed up the creation and launch of new products and catalogs
  • Integrate all your independent ecommerce processes more easily
  • Enable a flexible and global communication

Continue reading to know what kind of tools are a must-have in your business to boost your sales online. 

  1. Keep an eye on your sales cycle with CRM tool
Keep an eye on your sales cycle with CRM too - Easebuzz

If your business processes aren’t coordinated, it can cause a lot of unnecessary hassle and time-wasting. A CRM system embedded in your business can keep all of the pertinent data and communicate it with your entire team. This ensures that everyone is up to date on sales progress and that no time is wasted. With CRM, you can keep an eye on your sales cycle to help you to fix any flaws with your ways in order to improve your sales. Each stage of the process can be supervised by CRM, which can tell you what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to be done. Furthermore, CRM provides dashboards and automation features to remove any need to manually collect information for reports. 

  1. Streamline marketing efforts thereby saving time and money
Streamline marketing efforts thereby saving time and money

Marketing automation tool systematizes the actions of your marketing campaigns gives you a richer, more detailed picture of potential customer behavior. With automated marketing tools such as MailChimp, Hubspot; business can create and schedule social media posts for multiple platforms, bulk schedule social media posts and collects analytics on how your content is working. You can get instant information on domain authority, page authority, valuable metrics about a website and its link profile for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, and more. These tools let you reach your target market and potentially your customer base by adopting winning social media strategies. 

  1. Drive high-quality leads with fintech automation tool
Drive high-quality leads with fintech automation tool

Opt for fintech automation tools such as Workato to automate high-volume transactional processes, high-volume tasks that are prone to human error and consume valuable staff resources. Fintech solution provider with standardized reconciliation templates combined with configurable certification and matching rules enable a best practice approach to automate the accounting process. You can automate the validation of low-risk accounts, create reconciling items from unmatched transactions, free your accountants to focus on exception handling and deep analysis.   

Apart from it, looking for a form builder is also a wise option to improve and boost your online sales. You can power your brand’s interactions and boost your online sales with beautifully designed, professional-looking online forms & surveys that people just love. Collect feedback, sign people up to events, receive job applications, take payments, create engaging quizzes or interactive stories. 

  1. Foster your sales productivity with HR tech tools
Foster your sales productivity with HR tech tools

HR tech tools like HRMS and HRIS have withstood the test of time and offer features and functionality for boosting sales. It eliminates all sorts of human errors by providing a platform for data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within the business. These automation tools can help improve performance evaluations for administrators, managers, and employees by automating numerous workflows. They also help businesses in acquiring advanced analytics, sending out templated communications, providing a customized scoring system, and more. 

Improving the performance management process is just one step into making your brand a gold standard in your industry. By incorporating HRMS software such as GreytHR in your business, businesses can manage performance records, peer recognition, and social features and create multiple and insightful HR reports. Such level of automation and ease of use enables HR executives to focus their energies on their most important assets – the employees.

  1. Team collaboration in favor of sales
Team collaboration in favor of online sales

When you opt for team collaboration software, it helps to bring your reps together with their data, processes, and customers for faster growth and better relationships. Businesses can sync salesforce records with team collaboration software and automatically receive critical deal alerts to speed up work. Furthermore, embedding team collaboration software can help your business streamline and shorten sales cycles by allowing the right people to work together directly in dedicated channels. With software such as Slack or ClickUp, you can engage with customers and partners securely to build deeper, differentiated partnerships. You can also communicate with stakeholders in context, with real-time conversations alongside relevant discussions and documents.

When used correctly these tools can improve and enhance sales performance and can save you time, boost productivity and lead to better sales outcomes. But with so many tools available in the market, it can be tricky to know which tools to use and why. We hope these tools become part of your arsenal and change your business for the better.


The author writes about fintech, banking, and future of SAAS services. He works as an SEO analyst at Easebuzz, so if you're looking for an account that tracks India's fintech scene, you should check out his Easebuzz blog.